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Your Next $1,000,000 Idea Could Come from MicroStrategy World

It would be accurate to call the World 2019 agenda eventful. It’s packed with technical sessions, industry networking events, and hands-on workshops—and it caters to every persona across the enterprise. There’s a current of excitement in the venue, a feeling that those who have attended past World events know well.

But between the keynotes and sessions, mingling with fellow attendees can be an equally rewarding experience. These off-chance encounters with analytics professionals from the world’s biggest brands and top technology providers may be the genesis of your next big idea. You may find yourself thinking during an exchange of use cases, “That’s interesting that you do it that way; we should try something like that at my company.”

Even short, serendipitous conversations and connections can generate novel ideas. Whether you’re chatting about the morning’s keynote, a particular analyst session on the next big trend, or the latest technical feature, there’s no shortage of inspiration at MicroStrategy World.

Here’s a great example.

At World 2018, I was on-site interviewing attendees about their unique stories and motivations for attending World and deploying MicroStrategy-powered solutions, and I had just wrapped up an interview with the consulting manager for Third I Partners. He was showing me a mobile app they built for sales reps and leadership to track sales pipeline, account penetration, and commission activity. It was an impressive solution that leveraged augmented reality to deliver a phenomenal user experience.

A demo of the app shows a user scanning a box of breakfast cereal. The iPad’s camera recognizes the product, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and with REST APIs, superimposes relevant data onto the display. The solution then proactively suggests an alternate product; in this case, it was Cheerios. Here’s what it looks like:

During the demo, a representative from one of the world’s largest retailers happened to be standing nearby. She casually asked if the same technology could be used for clothes. An idea was generated, a direct connection was made, and I’m looking forward to the next World, where I hope to see how the retailer put this technology to work for them.

MicroStrategy World 2019 will be held February 4–6 in Phoenix, AZ. Learn more information and to reserve your spot at the conference.

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