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What’s New in MicroStrategy 2020 Update 1: Part 3 - Enterprise-grade Enhancements

MicroStrategy 2020 Update 1 continues to deliver strong enterprise capabilities that raise the bar for security, performance, and scale. It also enhances MicroStrategy’s open strategy by integrating deeper into the Microsoft technology ecosystem. And, it adds new modern experiences that deliver predictive caching and actionable mobility to end-users.

In part one of our three-part MicroStrategy 2020 Update 1 blog post series, I talked about the new actionable mobile capabilities in this update. In part two, I highlighted features that make our solution better than ever for Microsoft users. Enterprise-wide integration, security, and scalability has never been as important as it is today, so in this post, I will discuss new enterprise features in Update 1.

Security Support for Google Chrome 80

The Google Chrome browser (version 80 and newer) changed its logic around how it handles cross-site cookies, causing a lot of web applications to break.

To help our customers easily mitigate this issue, Update 1 delivers added support for Google Chrome 80 with a new secure-by-default SameSite setting for cross-site access to cookies. With this feature, users will continue to have a seamless experience on embedded deployments of both MicroStrategy Web and MicroStrategy Library.

Performance Optimizations for HyperMobile

We introduced performance enhancements on HyperMobile for iOS (coming soon on Android), providing our customers with a 5 to 10X improvement in download speeds on HyperIntelligence card sets with up to one million rows. We’re committed to delivering a seamless end user experience, and this enhancement is a terrific example of that commitment.

Control where HyperIntelligence Appears

As you know, HyperIntelligence is all about delivering contextual answers to users when they need it. Our customers need control over which web apps are enabled with HyperIntelligence. Prior to Update 1, customers could “blacklist” sites that they didn’t want a HyperIntelligence Card to appear on. In Update 1, customers can now also “whitelist” sites, so that a specific card will only appear on sites from that list.

With this Update 1 enhancement administrators can now whitelist specific approved websites at the individual HyperIntelligence card level in Workstation. This means that if you want a HyperIntelligence customer card to only show up in your CRM application, it’s easy to do. Administrators can now surface cards only in workflows that are contextually relevant—which not only provides an optimal end user experience, but increased control.

With MicroStrategy 2020, we continue to optimize our platform for the enterprise and to help our customers make faster, smarter decisions based on data they can trust—whether they're at their physical workplace or working remote.

If you’d like to see more details on Update 1, visit our “What’s New” webpage or watch our Update 1 webcast where you can see more new features for MicroStrategy for Office. You can also read more about the broader MicroStrategy 2020 release highlights. And don’t forget to take a look at and take advantage of some of the resources we’re offering our customers as we all adapt to a new business normal. Check out our Virtual Symposium Series and our free support offer for those customers wanting to upgrade to MicroStrategy 2020.

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