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So You Think You Can Dossier?

MicroStrategy World 2019 is quickly approaching, and if you’re looking to get involved, look no further! The World 2019 Dossier Contest is now underway.

The World 2019 Dossier Contest offers the opportunity to show off your dossier mastery and win an iPhone XS or Apple Watch! Entry is easy—just submit a dossier to the contest and provide a few details about yourself. Participants will be judged on business value, information presentation, analytical workflow, and creativity and design. The winner will receive an iPhone XS while two semi-finalists will win an Apple Watch Series 4.

Last year’s participants created some fierce competition. The World 2018 winning dossier was submitted by Steven Foster representing Staples. Steven’s dossier was designed to help Staples’ customer service leadership team compare vendors and their respective networks. In particular, the judges were wowed by the dossier’s striking design, which balanced a modern layout with ease of use.

The dossier efficiently conveyed data using KPI and Gauge widgets. Users could view sales, quality and other KPI metrics that impact contracts and billing to vendors. Other visualizations allowed the user to view the distribution of agents by network, vendor, and state and track metrics against goals.

Another impressive entry was submitted by Srinivas Pratapa on behalf of Vitara. Srinivas’s dossier focused on event management, particularly for sports arenas. KPIs included in the dossier were dynamic, changing with the event selected to understand profitability and increase utilization. For example, in the Stadium map visualization, occupancy by stand changes as the user changes the event selected by calendar selector. The dynamic visualizations impressed the judges, as did Srinivas’ use of visualizations as filter to tie together the dossier.

Last but not least, Alejandro Levin Pick impressed with his dossier for enterprise management on behalf of Third I. The dossier included KPIs around adoption, performance, reliability, and accessibility to provide a 360-degree view of the enterprise system. From a visualization standpoint it brought together classic trend graphs with animated D3 donut graphs, heatmap-driven Google maps, and a powerful search capability. Alejandro excited the judges with his comprehensive KPI visualizations as well as deep analysis trend graphs and maps.

Do you have a great idea for a dossier that will change the way you or the world does business? We want to hear from you! Enter the World 2019 Dossier Contest by January 25, 2019, and you could be the next winner! Still need to register yourself and/or your team for World? See the registration deals currently available and register.

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