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Share Your Data-driven Success Story: MicroStrategy Customer Awards Now Open

The customer service expert and best-selling author Shep Hyken once said, “the company telling the story is one thing. The customer telling it – even better.” At MicroStrategy, we couldn’t agree more. Each year, we ask our customers to share their story of how they use MicroStrategy to improve productivity, achieve greater success, upgrade the customer experience, or discover and deliver on new business models. We showcase the best of these stories as part of the MicroStrategy Customer Awards presented at MicroStrategy World.

We are now accepting customer award submissions or nominations for the 2018 MicroStrategy Customer Awards in three categories:

  • Innovative:

    This recognizes a company that is revolutionary in using MicroStrategy’s platform to transform business operations. Have you demonstrated a breakthrough in data visualization? Have you taken a paper process and made it completely digital or mobile? Have you applied data analytics in a new way that has not been seen in your industry before? Are you integrating data analytics into other corporate applications/systems in a unique way? Tell us how you reinvented your organization’s use of data or business processes using MicroStrategy

  • Impactful:

    This recognizes a company that has used MicroStrategy to achieve an impressive ROI. Perhaps you improved your corporate standards of measurement, boosted customer satisfaction scores or your customer experience, achieved greater productivity or operating efficiency, captured market share or grew top line sales. Tell us how MicroStrategy impacted your organization’s operations and processes

  • Interesting:

    This recognizes a company that has incorporated analytics in a creative way. You’ve done something incredibly different with our platform and are setting your own trend. The more unique, the better.

Need inspiration for a 2018 nomination? In 2017, these customer stories inspired us with their business impact and creative use cases:

  • Innovative: AIG

    “The biggest problem MicroStrategy has helped us solve is around getting to that 10-second view of the risk. We want underwriters to be able to look at the dashboard and understand everything we want them to know about a risk in 10 seconds or less….”

    Watch the video

  • Impactful: Falken Tire

    “If you depend on price, you’re always going to lose, so you’ve got to create some unique value, some unique service that others aren’t going to give customers. You have to be able to answer one question… why do they want to choose us, and that’s where the data comes in….”

    Watch the video

  • Interesting: Fanatics

    “We have a culture of ‘we can have a hypothesis, but we’re going to use data to prove that hypothesis and prove that this is an area we want to invest in’, and that whole idea of using data to prove out our business cases is fundamental to who we are and what we do….”

    Watch the video

Ready to share your data-driven success story? Read more about the 2018 MicroStrategy Customer Awards here, and then submit your story or a nomination by November 10, 2017. We look forward to hearing from you!

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