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HyperIntelligence: Productivity Never Felt So Smart

The relationship you have with your productivity apps is about to change. With the release of MicroStrategy 2020, you’ll never look at them the same way again. This platform release features HyperIntelligence®—a breakthrough that adds intelligence to tools like Salesforce, Workday, Google, Microsoft Office, Slack, and many more, so your users can go beyond the information in those tools, and make each decision smarter and faster.

HyperIntelligence is the fastest-growing product in our 30-year history because it works where the user works—in the productivity and web applications they use every day. It's exclusively available on the MicroStrategy platform, and brings analytics to the majority of enterprise users who typically don't have the access, training, or time to make insights-driven decisions. MicroStrategy 2020 delivers new enhancements to HyperIntelligence, which is now available on Chrome, Edge (beta), Outlook, iOS, and Android.

Interacting with HyperIntelligence is addictive (in a good way), because it makes you feel smarter and work faster. Once you become hyperintelligent, old dashboards and reports seem complex and unwieldy. When I ask customers what they love about it, they tell me that it brings data to those who would never have used traditional dashboards and analytics.

Behind the scenes, bringing intelligence to everyone, everywhere takes a platform that is open to every data source and application in your enterprise. It also requires the security and scalability to serve each and every user with the information they need to see, delivered at lightning speed. On this promise, MicroStrategy 2020 delivers foundational technologies such as the Enterprise Semantic Graph™, Dossier®, MicroStrategy Cloud Environment, and MicroStrategy Workstation.

To see some of the highlights of MicroStrategy 2020, check out this blog post. For even more information, visit our What’s New page, where you can download a detailed guide to MicroStrategy 2020. Stay tuned for the next installment to learn why HyperIntelligence is only made possible given MicroStrategy’s security, performance, scalability, and semantic graph. It’s a behind-the-scenes look you won’t want to miss!


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