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Our New Academic Program Brings Data Analytics into the Classroom

For the past three decades, MicroStrategy has worked with enterprises, governments, and organizations to change the way they think about, use, and engage with data. Now, we’re excited to bring our analytics platform to the classroom!

MicroStrategy's new Academic Program gives university professors, students, and researchers free access to MicroStrategy software and resources. Now, professors can incorporate MicroStrategy into their existing curriculum through hands-on projects and exercises that help them give their students real-world experience with a leading enterprise analytics platform. At the same time, students can master the type of analytical and data visualization skills that are prized in today's job market. 

Our goal is to help universities create a center of excellence for enterprise analytics and mobility. Ultimately, we want to empower colleges and universities to prepare and inspire the next generation of data scientists by enriching their analytics and technology course offerings with enterprise analytics software. 

Program resources include:

  • Hands-on workshop materials that help students develop analytical skills
  • Tutorials on MicroStrategy products and capabilities to build business intelligence knowledge
  • An established, proven curriculum that helps teachers better engage their students in the classroom

Interested in learning more? Check out our resources for students and instructors

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