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MicroStrategy 2019: Built for Breakthroughs

The new year finds many of us hoping for a fresh start. We’re reexamining and doubling-down on goals. We’re looking for a breakthrough. And when it comes to analytics, that’s exactly what many enterprise organizations need, because adoption has stalled at about 30% of the workforce.

But that’s all about to change. Today, we unveiled MicroStrategy 2019, the most open and complete platform on the market.

MicroStrategy 2019 creates an entirely new class of analytics that delivers Zero-Click IntelligenceTM to everyone. It reinforces federated analytics and allows everyone to get more from the tools they love, on a platform they trust. It extends the reach of data to the far edges through transformational mobility. And it’s all built on top of the industry’s only Enterprise Semantic Graph.

MicroStrategy 2019 finally brings analytics to 100% of the workforce. Here’s how.

HyperIntelligence: Answers that find you.

In today’s business environment, every moment matters. That’s why we’re excited to introduce HyperIntelligence™—a breakthrough class of applications that injects insights directly into the tools, websites, devices, and screens that people use every day. For the first time, answers can find users where they already work.

HyperIntelligence provides natural, familiar ways to surface real-time KPIs, contextual information, and smart recommendations to a wide range of users, making it stand miles apart from traditional analytics and even self-service data discovery tools. With Natural Language Processing, machine learning capabilities, and an extensive set of REST APIs that integrate with Amazon’s Alexa, chatbots, image recognition software, and other modern apps, MicroStrategy 2019 helps enterprises realize their efforts to deliver AI-driven experiences to their workforce.

With Cards, a new HyperIntelligence object, users can get contextual insights by simply hovering over highlighted words in an email, website, or other web application—without having to run any report or learn a new skill. By putting insights in more hands at the right moments, organizations can boost productivity and realize results like never before.

Federated Analytics: Tools you love. On the platform you trust.

MicroStrategy 2019 is designed to empower everyone with trusted analytics, whether it’s by accessing enterprise data using their favorite tools or interacting with apps or websites enriched with HyperIntelligence. Analysts who rely on Tableau, Qlik, Power BI, or Excel, along with data scientists who leverage R studio or Jupyter Notebook, can now be even more productive by tapping into the MicroStrategy platform for trusted, federated analytics.

This is made possible by the industry’s first and only Enterprise Semantic Graph—an evolution of the metadata foundation that has been at the heart of the MicroStrategy platform for decades. This innovation elevates the potential of enterprise data assets, makes true federated analytics possible, and delivers AI experiences based on who you are, where you are, and what you are doing.

With a robust business glossary and index for all corporate information, the Enterprise Semantic Graph consolidates disparate sources and delivers the single version of truth for an organization. With real-time location intelligence and usage telemetry that enriches the metadata content, MicroStrategy 2019 enables AI-powered experiences through contextual, personalized recommendations and insights that users can trust.

Transformational Mobility: Find your edge at the edge.

In 2019, it’s critical for organizations to put actionable intelligence on the front lines. MicroStrategy 2019 provides organizations with even more ways to mobilize any information system, business application, or web application that has historically been trapped on the desktop. Organizations can now re-imagine how people work with mobile analytics and productivity apps tailored to any business function or role—on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

Organizations can build mobile apps using these three proven development strategies:

  1. Mobile Dossiers: Quickly build interactive books of analytics that render beautifully on smartphones and tablets
  2. Code-free Drag-and-drop Development: Mobilize existing systems, processes, or applications to build branded, enterprise mobility apps
  3. Customized Coding: Leverage iOS and Android SDKs to extend MicroStrategy content into existing apps using Xcode or JavaScript

MicroStrategy 2019 is complete, yet completely unexpected. It delivers unprecedented capabilities and empowers organizations to deliver contextual answers to a wide range of users—on their terms. If you’re looking for a breakthrough, 2019 could be your year. And this is the platform for the job.

Learn more about MicroStrategy 2019 or watch our on-demand webcast, which speaks to this breakthrough in enterprise analytics.

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