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Meet the Team: Rohit Amba, SVP of Global Education

Our favorite blog series is back with another member of the MicroStrategy team! Recently, we sat down with Rohit Amba, our Senior Vice President of Global Education. He filled us in on what drives his love for education, the biggest challenges in getting up to speed on technical platforms, and Jump Start, MicroStrategy’s latest educational program.

What does MicroStrategy’s global education team do?

Our education service has grown into something integral to MicroStrategy and its customers. We determine the educational needs for customers to successfully use each product and platform. We then develop the resources needed—be it an in-person or online instructor-led class—to help our users get the most out of MicroStrategy.

Working with our sales team is a vital way for us to to do this. When the sales team is out talking to customers, the Global Education team works right beside them to help decide what the right training package is for the client and help kickstart the client’s adoption of MicroStrategy.

How did you come to work in global education at MicroStrategy?

My background is actually in operations. I was at AOL for 11 years in a variety of customer acquisition and retention roles before running student enrollment and acquisition for K12—a company that provides online schooling and curriculums to state and local governments. My job at K12 was to grow the student base. I had the privilege of interacting with students and their families about issues they were having inside and outside of the classroom. Hearing from real people about their real challenges is really what kept me interested in keeping my career tied to education.

My role at MicroStrategy is focused on building and delivering content that enables our customers to make the best use of our products. It’s an exciting and fun time to be part of the Education team.

Talk to us about Jump Start. What inspired the program?

Jump Start is our newest educational program, free for MicroStrategy customers, partners and anyone interested in trying out the platform. Launching this month, Jump Start is a five-day program that will run once a month in 29 cities around the world. Although we designed each Jump Start program as a week-long package, each day stands on its own, so people can sign up for the topics that best suit their needs. For example, a beginner could attend the first day to learn how to use MicroStrategy Desktop, and then go back and play with it on their own, without sitting through the entire week in sessions they’re not ready for yet.

We decided to launch Jump Start as a way to engage existing and potential users and get them excited about the MicroStrategy platform. Having a strong, freely-available education program is important for MicroStrategy as a company, because we don’t believe in simply selling software products for the sake of business—we truly believe in the power of the platform, and what it can do for companies to become more efficient and cost-effective. It’s our job to make sure our customers are seeing these benefits.

Research suggests that demand for skilled data analysts/scientists has grown 41 percent. How will building skillsets in data and BI prepare people for the future?

Data is meaningless unless you can find a way to digest it easily, use it and make better decisions. Someone with the BI knowledge and skills to make a process or project faster and more efficient can provide some invaluable insights to a company. If you know how to wrangle data, you’ll be an indispensable part of any team.

What’s been the most exciting part of launching Jump Start?

The genuine excitement from MicroStrategy as a whole has been really cool to see. People are excited for this offering. For example, I sent an announcement about Jump Start to my colleagues at MicroStrategy late one night, with the expectation that responses wouldn’t come in until the next morning. But they came in immediately; my inbox was full of excited people who couldn’t wait to tell their clients about the program. They even asked if we could host Jump Start in more cities. So clearly, people know there’s a need for it.

What’s the the most memorable experience you’ve had since working with MicroStrategy?

The culture is my favorite part of MicroStrategy. Some people have been here for 10 years, others less than a year. But everyone is really talented, and everyone believes in the product and the mission. No matter their experience or role, everyone works fast and collaborates to get the job done. Jump Start is perfect example of that—we started organizing the program just a few weeks ago to get it where it is today. That’s no small feat, and many companies wouldn’t be able to mobilize or dedicate resources as quickly.

Interested in joining the team? Find out more about career opportunities here.

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