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Meet the Team: A Conversation with MicroStrategy’s Ilene Landon

We recently chatted with Ilene Landon, Senior Vice President of Professional Services at MicroStrategy, about her experience leading teams around the world and how she got into professional services. The following is an abridged version of that conversation.

How long have you been with MicroStrategy?

I joined the MicroStrategy team in December of last year.

Why did you go into professional services?

I was actually on a track to completing my PhD and planned to start a career as a professor. In the process, I learned how much I enjoyed presenting, solving problems, collaborating, and leading teams. I changed course shortly after and got into professional services – starting as a developer and analyst before moving into management.

Throughout my career, I have always enjoyed mentoring and problem-solving. I really enjoy contributing to the success of my customers and employees. I love that my job requires me to collaborate with others, build relationships, coach and mentor both my team and my customers. Success is achieved through helping my customers solve their core business problems, and I am energized when I can help them succeed in their goals.

What attracted you to MicroStrategy?

The strength of the product and its longevity, the strength of the team, and the overall opportunity to transform our services organization into one that is best in class and truly helps our customers adopt our platform to achieve the highest business value.

What lessons from your background and/or career do you put into MicroStrategy Professional Service's daily operations?

The idea that customers call on us to help them understand what they don’t know, and that developing true partnerships with our customers helps us ensure we can make them successful. I also learned that happy, engaged employees create happy, engaged customers with whom we can establish long-term relationships.

What makes MicroStrategy services different from the competition?

We have the advantage of deep experience with our product, with direct access to our global team of technologists, developers, support engineers, and the sales team. This allows us to truly engage at a different level with our customers. No other competitor has the depth of product experience coupled with the breadth of industry experience that we have. We are best equipped to stay on the cutting edge of our technology and its application to the business.

How does MicroStrategy Professional Services use MicroStrategy?

In Professional Services, I use MicroStrategy every day to run my business, as does everyone on my team. We have several dashboards that provide a real-time view of our key KPIs. Additionally, I have access to other departmental dashboards that give me information about everything from performance metrics, to recruiting status, to services, education, and support pipeline. This type of visibility helps me do my job better and also helps us collaborate more effectively with other departments.

What’s the best thing about work? What’s the most challenging?

I enjoy the variety in my job and I have the privilege of working with a smart, energetic, and dedicated team. My primary focus is on selling, delivering services, and customer satisfaction. The most challenging aspect is to ensure we have the right balance of resources to support both selling and customer service, and to ensure that we continue to push to be best in class when it comes to services delivery.

To learn more about MicroStrategy Professional Services, visit our site. Or, if you're interested in joining the team, check out our careers page to view current openings.

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