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Deploy MicroStrategy on AWS in Minutes

The ways organizations collect, share, and analyze data is always changing, but MicroStrategy’s commitment to its vision remains steadfast. For nearly three decades, we have focused on helping our clients deliver intelligence everywhere, and now we’re excited to offer the newest way to experience enterprise analytics.  

We’re happy to announce the general availability of MicroStrategy on AWS. For the first time, our customers and partners can deploy and manage the full MicroStrategy platform on dedicated AWS infrastructure, and they can do so with complete control of their environment.

MicroStrategy on AWS allows organizations to get up and running quickly and gives users the power to monitor, change, and maintain platform features themselves. Any organization now has the ability to invest in business intelligence and begin building transformational apps and dashboards in as little as 30 minutes.

Here's what MicroStrategy on AWS can deliver to your organization:

  • The full breadth of MicroStrategy capabilities, from enterprise data discovery to enterprise reporting and dashboards, optimized connectors to hundreds of databases, personalized distribution capabilities, powerful predictive analytics, and more.
  • Mobile productivity apps that are customized with transaction-enabled workflows, and tailored to any business function or role.
  • Self-service provisioning options through an AWS-powered portal that offers full control to MicroStrategy administrators looking to deploy cloud instances of any size on dedicated AWS infrastructure – plus the ability to manage and schedule tasks and operations in real-time.
  • RESTful APIs that provide users with the flexibility to self-create custom workflows and build personalized admin interfaces that automate MicroStrategy on AWS operations.

What are you waiting for? Start your 30-day free trial on MicroStrategy on AWS and launch your next enterprise analytics project today.

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