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Data is Like Oil. Intelligence Data is Like Gasoline.

Seventeen years ago, our CEO Michael Saylor spoke with PBS journalist Charlie Rose. In the interview, he compared data to oil when he said:
“You could think about what we create as a large information refinery. Everybody has information, like crude oil. The question is can they extract any value from it.”

It’s a memorable metaphor, and one that has stood the test of time. At the start of the new millennium, most people weren’t thinking about the mind-boggling amount of data we’d have at our fingertips nearly two decades later. The most incredible part is that, even today, with increasingly advanced tools for interpreting even the largest datasets to turn data into intelligence, we’ve only begun to scratch the surface. Now, intelligence is everywhere and it knows no bounds. The key is to choose a tool that’s powerful enough to deploy transformational analytics and mobile applications over huge volumes of governed and ungoverned data to maximize competitive advantage and accelerate business growth.

Flash forward to 2017. What was a vision 17 years ago is now a reality. Last month, Managing Director and Chairman of Reliance Industries Limited Mukesh Ambani said in a speech he gave at the NASSCOM India Leadership Summit in Mumbai, that data is a natural resource like oil and that intelligence data—which is processed to provide real value—is like gasoline. He was there to discuss Reliance Industries’ investment in increasing network coverage for Jio, his company’s LTE network, to 95 percent of Indians—a move that will put an extraordinary amount of information into the hands of more Indians than ever before.

In 2000, Michael Saylor identified the need for a new type of fuel for the enterprise. In 2017, the necessity of data fuel is constantly growing as organizations, including Reliance Industries Limited, make strides to combine high bandwidth mobility with the ability to mine huge data pools to deliver innovative ways to share its strategic value with everyone. It’s been incredible to participate in the evolution of analytics and mobility here at MicroStrategy, and we’re excited to be an integral part of how the world will harness data, the world’s newest natural resource, in the years ahead.

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