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Data Careers are Flourishing in Washington, D.C. – and MicroStrategy is Poised to Lead the Way

We recently chatted with Teresa Green, VP of Global Talent Acquisition at MicroStrategy, about the growth of Washington, D.C. as a data analytics hub and what motivated her to join this booming industry. The following is an abridged version of that conversation.

Over the past few years, Washington, D.C. has quietly become a hub for data analytics. In fact, PwC lists D.C. as the best area for a career in data analytics right now. This is no surprise, as the city has seen an influx of technology companies focused on using data insights to improve business efficiency and make government services better. With data firmly cemented as the foundation of D.C.’s technology future, I’m optimistic MicroStrategy will become a larger beacon for BI and data analytics pros from the D.C. metro area – and around the world. 

Data Matters Now More Than Ever

The opportunity to join MicroStrategy was exciting for me because I wanted to work in the technology industry, and specifically, in the data analytics space. I recognized the growth potential of the D.C. area, and the increasing importance of data analytics in my field of talent acquisition. I firmly believe that the increased use and accessibility of data will revolutionize human resources departments across industries. Decisions will become more clear, with data informing key decisions such as what candidate is the best fit for the role and where talent changes need to be made in the organization.

The incorporation of data analytics into talent acquisition – and HR, in general – has made the function more impactful in every single industry and through every single business function. For example, data makes it easier for my department to succeed in various ways – from placing individuals in the right roles to uncovering what practices can help us source and retain our best talent.

With the ever-increasing volume of data in today’s digital world, the tools that MicroStrategy provides are more important than ever. I’m excited to grow with this company and make sure that the D.C., and global, data community know that MicroStrategy is a place where they can have meaningful careers. MicroStrategy was early to data analytics – and we want to lead the way from right here in the nation’s capital.

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