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Why Are Retailers Empowering Their Store Associates With Mobile Apps?

Times they are a-changin’. Consumers and technology are reshaping in the retail industry at a break-neck pace. Empowered with mobile devices and online search engines, consumers can get answers to questions anywhere, anytime and constantly have unlimited information at their fingertips. Meanwhile, online retailers like Amazon are effectively utilizing advanced analytics on a wealth of customer data to provide personalized content and continue to raise the bar on high-speed order fulfillment. It’s no wonder that consumers’ expectations for technology driven service and convenience continue to rise. As a result, retailers must evolve the role of their brick and mortar stores in order to effectively compete and thrive.

Here are some telling statistics that demonstrate where the retail industry is today and where it’s headed.

While not all retailers have made the leap to invest in mobility for their sales associates, leading retailers are making it a priority—they realize that customers are demanding a higher level of service that can only be provided by arming store teams with the tools they need to deliver a superior, personalized customer shopping experience.

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