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The Possibilities for Mobile AI to Proliferate

Do you remember your first flip phone? Or having no smartphone at all? It wasn’t that long ago. Now think of how important your smartphone is in your daily life both at home and at work. And now think of the possibilities for mobile tech and apps in the next five years, and in the next ten years...

Mobile artificial intelligence (AI) is developing rapidly. For example, right now AI-related capabilities such as voice assistants can respond to simple requests and commands, and make informed suggestions. But in the very near future, mobile AI will get personal—learning things about you from what you access, what you ask for and more, so that it can:

  • Suggest and take next best actions just for you
  • Show you exactly what you need to see, when you need to see it
  • Do a lot of the work for you, based on what you request
  • Know that it’s you, to keep your identity and all that you access more secure

These and other possibilities for mobile devices and apps, whether for consumer or enterprise use, are exciting to imagine. In 5 Enterprise Mobility Trends to Watch in 2019, digital transformation influencer Ronald van Loon discusses the potential of mobile technology as it advances—gaining the ability to see and understand mobile camera images and video, and understand and respond to what an individual or an IoT connected device is “saying.”

According to van Loon, “companies can use mobile devices to act as our eyes, 'seeing' for us. For example, mobile cameras can be used to perform a bridge inspection that identifies potentially dangerous cracks or changes in the earth surrounding a bridge that would affect structural integrity. AI-driven analytics can also be performed so that predictive maintenance can be executed without the need for any manual inspections, increasing safety.”

He adds, “Mobile AI can also recognize machines and help in providing instructions for their report. Similarly, it can perform visual inspections for equipment, helping to maintain equipment functionality and operational performance. And then it can streamline task management activities by understanding voice instructions and carrying out everything from sending messages to clients, to ordering products or parts.”

Remember when mobile tech and apps were limited to looking at a web page, making a call, or sending an email or text? Now, imagine how many more possibilities there are today—and for tomorrow. It’s an exciting time to be reimagining mobile strategies.

To hear more about how organizations are thinking about and creating strategies for future success based on new technologies and the capabilities that enable it, join my on-demand discussion with Eric Klein, the Research Director of Enterprise Mobility and Connected Devices at VDC, where we discuss 5 Enterprise Mobility Trends to Watch in 2019, including mobile AI. You can also check out the eBook.

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