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Meet the Team: Benjamin Reyes, VP of Product Management for Mobile and Analytics

Today we’re kicking off a new series on the MicroStrategy blog, where we’ll be sitting down with team members to get their take on everything from career highlights to perspectives on the industry as a whole.

Our first post features Ben Reyes, Vice President of Product Management for Mobile and Analytics. After joining the team as a Principal Quality Engineer in 1999, Ben worked in various positions in product management before taking on his current role. As Vice President, he is responsible for defining the direction of each mobile and analytics product, and works with users to build and update offerings. From his awe-inspiring experience at MicroStrategy World to his favorite MicroStrategy feature, here’s what Ben had to say about his role at MicroStrategy:

How has MicroStrategy changed over the past 17 years?

The company has really evolved since I joined the team in 1999. Back then, business intelligence was just being introduced as a mainstream concept. Most of the people using it were well-trained analysts, but that’s completely changed. Casual business users can now easily analyze their data and use dashboards for quick, helpful insights. User experience has really become the number one focus at MicroStrategy, and we always keep that in mind when designing new products.

What is your favorite memory from your time with the company?

I had the opportunity to present at our annual MicroStrategy World event in 2014. Every year, hundreds of people come together to hear about our products and talk about how they’re working with MicroStrategy. I got the chance to stand in front of the entire conference to give a product demo of some of our future capabilities, and it was such a breath-taking moment. It’s really amazing to see people get excited about the products we’ve built, and have an opportunity to talk with them directly about what features they’d find helpful in the future.

What is your favorite MicroStrategy feature?

That’s a tough question! I have a particular affinity for our mobile features, and my favorite has to do with geographical analysis. Users visualizing metrics on a map is a very common use case. But when it's done on a mobile device, a user's current location can be used as an input to provide each user exactly the data they need. Users can also quickly create groups of data points by simply drawing regions on the touchscreen, obtaining instant insights about the data points within those areas. It's a very powerful capability of our platform, and definitely one of my favorites.

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