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How to Deploy Mobile Dashboards in 5 Easy Steps

When it comes to the adoption of analytics, a successful mobile deployment can make all the difference. We believe that mobile, when done right, can have a transformative impact on the way that people consume and interact with information. That’s why we’ve spent nearly a decade building out and honing our enterprise mobility platform.

With MicroStrategy, deploying reports and dashboards on a mobile device is quick and easy. In just 5 steps, users can go from a blank slate to a fully functional mobile dashboard:

  1. Build an analysis on MicroStrategy Desktop
  2. Connect to a MicroStrategy Web server and upload your dashboard
  3. Download the MicroStrategy Mobile app for iPad
  4. Configure your MicroStrategy Mobile app to point to the correct server
  5. Open the app and run your dashboard

Check out the short video below to see just how easy it can be to deploy mobile BI with MicroStrategy.


Want to learn more about deploying mobile BI with MicroStrategy? Check out our on-demand webcast, "Deploy Your Web Analytics on Native Mobile Apps".

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