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Enterprise Organizations Reveal Their Top Mobility Goals and Challenges

Mobile-based solutions that access mission-critical applications are now the norm across enterprise organizations, not the exception. Nearly three-quarters (74%) of respondents in an IDG Mobility Landscape Quick Poll say their organizations are already using smartphones and tablets for work that reaches far beyond email, calendar, and basic collaboration tools.

This doesn’t mean that enterprise mobility is without its challenges. But the opportunities for those who are able to get the most of their capabilities far outweigh the setbacks. That’s why 46% of respondents in the Quick Poll note that their organizations have recently increased spending on mobile devices and enterprise apps—and are chasing these top goals.

But what are the challenges that most enterprise organizations struggle with? Nearly all of the IDG Quick Poll respondents say that meeting the demand for mobile projects and applications quickly is an issue.

Next in line are security concerns, with nearly three-quarters saying this is a key challenge, followed closely by budget constraints and a lack of in-house skills and resources.

The IDG Quick Poll has also revealed some interesting differences in perspectives based on the respondent’s level—VP level and above versus other titles.

Getting Help to Move Farther Faster

Enterprise mobility platforms such as MicroStrategy help organizations overcome these challenges with robust built-in security and code-free development that enables non-mobile experts to build mobile apps.

To learn more about how enterprise mobility development tools and platforms can help with common challenges and accelerate and amplify benefits, check out our Enterprise Mobility Management page.

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