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Enterprise Mobility: Why We’re all Millennials When it Comes to Workplace Expectations

Millennials may be credited with driving change in the way we use technology in both life and work, but a Pew Research study shows that there isn’t as much of a generational gap as you might think when it comes to adoption and use. In fact, when it comes to expectations of the technology capabilities we enjoy as consumers being mirrored at work, more and more employees align with millennials—we want the most innovative, effortless technology, and we want it now.

Employees want to feel empowered—that their skills and the access to the tools they have are perfectly suited and matched to the task at hand. They want to feel that they’re working with a purpose; that they’re immersed and completely engaged in what they do, that their creativity is being fostered, and that they’re in the groove (or the “flow,” as pioneering psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihaly calls it—an optimal state that drives happiness).

Some people are able to achieve this state by themselves, but most people need help, especially at work—and a way organizations can assist is to arm employees with mobile technologies and apps that empower them to do what they want, when they want, where they want, and how they want. Meeting this demand can have a huge impact on both employee morale and business performance.

The Power of Enterprise Mobility on Flow

In the Forrester report, The Future of Enterprise Mobility, analysts Michael Facemire and Andrew Hewitt show that efforts to support mobility translate into tangible business value. Not only are shifted employees—those who have readily adopted mobile tools—22% more likely to say their companies’ customers are satisfied with it’s products and services; they’re also 28% more likely to estimate year-over-year revenue at 10% or more, and 30% more likely to view the company as forward-thinking and innovative.

Here are five more benefits:

  1. Increased sense of employee empowerment. Shifted employees are 24 percentage points more likely to report that they’re empowered to solve their own problems and challenges at work, according to Forrester.
  2. Increased productivity. According to an Oxford Economics survey of 500 senior IT executives, CEOs, and senior managers, 82% say mobile devices are critical to employee productivity, agility, and decision-making speed.
  3. Increased feeling of pride in their work and employer. In the report The New Digital Workplace Divide: Why a Technology-Enabled Workplace is Critical to Business Success, a survey of more than 12,000 people across 12 different countries reveals that 88% of employees at technology leading organizations (those perceived to be ahead of the competition in terms of technology available to employees) feel positive about their jobs and are proud to work for their employer, while just 18% at laggard organizations feel the same.
  4. Increased satisfaction and retention. The global study also reveals that workers at technology laggard organizations are 600% more likely to consider quitting when they work with what they consider to be outdated technology. Almost half of workers at technology laggards report being frustrated with their employer because of the technology provided, compared to only seven percent of workers at technology leader organizations.
  5. Increased profitability. According to an Oxford Economics survey of 500 senior IT executives, CEOs, and other senior managers, 76% say mobile devices are critical to their organization’s customer service and satisfaction, and 70% say they are critical to revenue growth.

Enterprise mobility efforts go far beyond just devices and apps, however. To hear more about how organizations are empowering their employees and creating strategies for future success that address employee expectations, join my on-demand discussion with Eric Klein, VDC Research Director of Enterprise Mobility and Connected Devices, where we discuss 5 Enterprise Mobility Trends to Watch in 2019. You can also check out the eBook.

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