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7 Tips to Make Your Mobile Apps Pop

Every day we are inundated with poorly-designed software, so when you create a mobile app that works smoothly AND looks nice it is a pleasant surprise. Not only will your users easily discover how to use your app, they are more likely to continue using it regularly. You will also save time and money in the long run with a solid product.  

While design is subjective, the updates in iOS7 drastically change the way apps look and are organized, and it is critically important to keep up with these changes.  Here are 7 design tips that will result in more universally attractive mobile applications that pop when compared to competition.

  • Select fonts that improve data comprehension. Apple uses Helvetica Neue, but other options include Arial and Verdana. Stay away from non-professional or unreadable fonts such as Windings and Comic Sans. Also consider corporate fonts.
  • Do not use more than three fonts in an app. It gets confusing and makes your app look unprofessional.
  • Ensure the sizing of the font is readable and consistent. Ideally, choose a font size that is larger than 8 but smaller than 32.
  • Don’t go crazy with colors that distract from your data. Use shades of gray for the text and a few colors for the graphs. Also be sure to consider your company branding guidelines and corporate colors.
  • Take into consideration users that are color blind. This is an issue that is rarely mentioned but one to consider when selecting colors.
  • Use high quality images. There is nothing worse than having a blurry or pixelated image within your app.
  • Manage screen real estate effectively. Take into account the types of device you will be using and design based on that space.

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