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5 Reasons Your Enterprise Should Go Mobile

The trade organization GSMA estimates that by 2020, 66% of new global connections will be smartphone users. 

There’s no doubt that mobile devices have become an important part of our lives—and when enterprises start integrating them into business workflows, the benefits will be numerous. Here are five reasons why your enterprise should go mobile today.

Connect with enterprise systems.

Mobile apps are only useful to your employees when they successfully connect and exchange data with your other enterprise systems—otherwise, mobile devices become information silos, and data integrity is compromised. Avoiding this issue is now easier than ever with analytics solutions that provide the architecture necessary to eliminate silos, ensure governed, accurate data across all assets, and connect devices securely with this data.

Deliver excellent user experience.

It’s no secret that when it comes to enterprise mobile technology, user experience drives user adoption—and user adoption drives ROI. Designing a mobile app with the required UX standards used to be a real challenge, but today, the right platform can provide enterprises with intuitive, responsive mobile dashboards. 

Design apps on your terms—no code required.

Creating enterprise mobile applications used to be a long, expensive process, but organizations now have plenty of options to alleviate some of the pain points, including code-free app development. This enables business users to create apps that deliver the information they need to their devices—without the hassle and delay of requesting it from an app development team or outside vendor.

Input new information on the go.

Mobile apps are now more complex than ever before, and one of the capabilities that makes them so useful to enterprises is the option to write back—meaning that app users can add new information into the system. For example, a salesperson can enter customer and purchase details into an app—information which can immediately be accessed by the organization’s other decision-makers.  

Supercharge your calendars.

Most of us already use calendars on our smartphones and tablets to organize our schedules. Enterprises now have the option to supercharge their employees’ calendars by automatically embedding appointments and meetings with important details on the relevant people, products, accounts, and more. With technology like HyperMobile, this futuristic capability is already possible.


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