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5 Reasons Why You Need to Refocus on Mobile Intelligence this Year

According to a recent study from the productivity software provider RescueTime, avid smartphone users now average four and a half hours a day on their mobile devices. The same study shows that the average person accesses their phone 58 times a day—with 30 of those being at work.

For some employees, using their phone during work is a distraction from what they're supposed to be doing. For others, their mobile devices give them the information they need to make better decisions, provide informed responses, and take the next best action on behalf of the company for which they work.

For example, retail sales associates can now see best-selling products and reorganize displays, as well as provide informed upsell and cross-sell recommendations. Executives can see a quick snapshot of customers they're about to meet with to discover the value of the account, if it's in good standing or in jeopardy, and specific items that might need to be addressed. Watch the video here:



In 10 Enterprise Analytics Trends to Watch in 2020, Ventana Research CEO Mark Smith predicts that mobile computing will re-emerge as one of the most significant technology opportunities of the decade, as real-time insights and powerful enablers such as proximity, biometrics, augmented reality, and voice assistants make pervasive mobile use a make-or-break investment for success. In the 2020 Global State of Enterprise Analytics Report, 85% of respondents said a mobile analytics strategy would be important to their organization’s success this year, up 3% from 2019.

By 2022, half of organizations will re-examine their use of mobile devices and conclude that their technology does not adequately address the needs of their workers, leading them to examine a new generation of mobile applications that enable a better work experience and far more effective connectivity to the rest of the organization and to customers. —Ventana Research

"As mobile devices finally become an established platform for conducting business, organizations and the workforce will expect applications and information to be simple and sophisticated using the technology of the mobile device," notes Smith.

"No matter if it is taking action or making decisions, the insights that are provided to workers needs to be intelligent and immediately actionable—and using the speech and conversational power or the camera on mobile devices to augment what is seen with contextual information and actionable insights can lead to a higher level of organizational intelligence."

How are mobile devices being used within your organization? Are they a distraction or a tool?

Download 10 Enterprise Analytics Trends to Watch in 2020 to read more from Ventana Research CEO Mark Smith, as well as insights from Constellation Research, Forrester, and IDC.  And don’t forget to check out MicroStrategy’s mobile intelligence capabilities.

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