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Visualizing Summer Data: Which Ballpark Has The Best Deal On Baseball's Meal

Baseball, more than any other sport, is all about the numbers. Win or loss? Ball or strike? Hit or error? As someone who's passionate about both baseball and big data, it’s easy to see a natural link between the two. The intersection of baseball and big data started with Moneyball, when Billy Beane, manager of the Oakland A's, looked to advanced statistics and analytics to find market inefficiencies that would help him build a better team.

But if we had to guess, of the more than 37 million fans who have attended a Major League Baseball game this season, only a handful are data scientists. They won't be channeling their inner Billy Beane, combing through data and performance trends; they just want to know if their team and favorite players are doing well.

However, there is one thing that every fan cares about: concession prices. Sure, singing along to “Take Me Out To The Ballgame” is fun, and the home run is a thing of beauty, but there’s nothing quite like baseball’s favorite meal: a hot dog and soda. Right now, we’re in peak season for ballparks and concessions, as 10 percent of annual retail hot dog sales occur during the month of July—there's a reason July is commonly known to baseball fans and competitive eaters as “National Hot Dog Month”. 

In the spirit of summer, we’ve gathered some public data on concession prices for the 2016 MLB season.

This interactive map highlights Major League Baseball stadiums and their combined price for a hot dog and soft drink. Can you guess where your favorite team stands? 

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