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Using HyperIntelligence Cards in HR

MicroStrategy’s latest platform release allows users to quickly view data and analytics that yield insights about topics across the spectrum of organizational life—including Human Resources.

At MicroStrategy, we use HyperIntelligence (specifically cards) to facilitate faster and better-informed conversations, data-driven decision making, and management planning. HyperIntelligence Cards consolidate a variety of enterprise data into a single view of information that appears seamlessly across the websites and applications that employees use in their daily work. Whether browsing a website, using a CRM system, composing an email, or messaging on Slack, cards deliver contextual answers at the right moment. Here’s how we’re using them in HR.

Culture Building

Have you ever seen a Slack or email message from a colleague and wanted to know a bit more about their background and role before engaging with them? Have you ever been invited to meetings with employees you have never met before? In these situations, having a bit of context about those you work with can help to reinforce the validity of a recommendation, get to a solution faster, or find commonality with others that facilitates a faster connection and a better relationship.

HyperIntelligence is an application that directly addresses these sorts of use cases. One of the HyperIntelligence Cards we use at MicroStrategy is a basic Employee Card that provides our employees’ names, where they work (location and department), who they report to, links to email or Slack, how long they have been with the company, and even a fun fact that helps break the ice during initial conversations.

The cards are key to improving the warmth and productivity of our work culture—they help start the relationship building process before people actually meet.

Performance and Compensation

A holistic view of an employee starts with understanding where they have been, how they are performing, and how we are paying them for what they do. This can not only help manage employees, but also aid in broader considerations such as pay equity and the maintenance of compensation structures that support career progression and reward talent fairly.

We use performance cards to provide managers ready insight about their employees’ current job-related performance, engagement and job satisfaction, tenure and career trajectory (movement from past jobs), and current compensation. This holistic performance picture of an employee helps managers maintain a pulse on their teams, and allows HR teams stay aware of talent movement within our organization.

Our teams can more readily flag where we may have compression issues related to compensation or want to move someone to a new job to expand their skill set, and we will integrate flags related to attrition risk to this type of card. Our teams also use performance cards to maintain fair and competitive internal benchmarks as we hire our outside talent.

Talent and Career Progression

The flexibility of cards derived from the people data sitting within MicroStrategy is perhaps best realized when thinking about talent and career progression. Tools like Workday and SuccessFactors provide very rich organizational chart functionality, with flexible ways to load data within them. HR personnel and upper management can compare people in a few clicks when considering succession and talent plans. MicroStrategy houses data from all the HR solutions and systems we use, so our talent cards use information from across systems.

Our talent cards provide insights about the impact our employees have on others (collected via a 360-degree survey), their last four performance ratings (derived from a custom Performance Management tool), preferences related to career path and next job (from a custom-built development profile survey), and key details about the employee, such as tenure and time of last promotion (pulled from Workday) to serve up a picture of an employee that is useful when developing our talent bench. 

Our HR team has only begun to use and realize the benefits of HyperIntelligence. We are already starting to realize how accessing information through cards builds a culture that encourages solid working relationships, better oversight for employee performance and internal equity, and seamless talent and succession management.

These are just three HR-related use cases for HyperIntelligence. Given the amount and accessibility of data that you have within your organization, the only limitation for its application is the strategy you have for managing and empowering your workforce.

Learn more about MicroStrategy HyperIntelligence and Cards for a variety of use cases on our website. Ready to take the next step with HyperIntelligence? Register for a free MicroStrategy 2019 pilot and we’ll develop a HyperIntelligence card based on your unique enterprise challenges and deliver a working demonstration using either static or real data.

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