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Discover More about the Grammy Awards with HyperIntelligence

From The Academy Awards to The Pulitzer Prize to The Golden Globes, national organizations create coveted awards to recognize the contributions of artists across the world. With many of these award shows coming up in the next few weeks, we used MicroStrategy to make HyperIntelligence cards of the nominees for the Grammy Awards.

In the music industry, The Grammy Awards is one of the most anticipated award ceremonies, along with the American Music Awards and the Billboard Music Awards. Here at MicroStrategy, we wanted to show how we could make information about each Grammy award more easily available to all music lovers. That’s why we created the Grammys 2020 Cards using HyperIntelligence®.

As you’re listening to your Spotify Wrapped playlist and browsing through Year-In-Review articles, our Grammys 2020 HyperIntelligence Cards deliver information on this year’s award categories and nominees—all in zero clicks. It shows an overview of the award or nominee in a matter of seconds and includes an “Award Archive” link to let users delve deeper into a particular award.

At the top of the card, you’ll find the award’s name and a link to that award's official Recording Academy Grammy Awards website page. The card also provides:

  • A description of the award as provided by the Recording Academy, identifying the criteria that records, albums, or artists must meet to qualify for an award
  • The category to which the award belongs
  • A list of the nominees for each award

In addition to matching to the official name of the award, our cards are designed to match similar keywords, so the information you want pops up whenever you need it. The Grammys 2020 cards are just one example of how you can use HyperIntelligence in your business to get quick insights and take action.

If you’re interested in learning more about HyperIntelligence and its uses for your business or organization, check out our webcast, Introducing MicroStrategy 2019.

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