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Celebrating Women’s Achievements Using HyperIntelligence Cards

#EachforEqual is this year’s theme for International Women’s Day. On Sunday, March 8th, men and women around the globe will gather for conferences, walks, fun runs, festivals, and many other events to celebrate women and rally for change to create a more gender-equal world.

Here at MicroStrategy, we're celebrating women's achievements in many different ways, one of which is to create cards that highlight 15 important moments for women in 2019. Created using HyperIntelligence®, our International Women's Day Cards give you a quick overview of these important events. You can see an example of a card below:

The cards include the following information:

  • Header: The header includes a short title, the date of the event, and the country of origin of the women involved in the event. You can also click on the two links in the header to learn more about the event from various news articles.
  • Body: The body of the card provides a short description of the event, as well as a list of the key women involved. At the bottom of the card you'll find statistics for the country of origin listed in the header of the card.
  • Female Gov Leadership: This statistic shows the percentage of women in the country's legislative branch. These statistics were gathered on the respective country's official government website(s).
  • Female Demographics: This statistic represents the demographic distribution of women in the country.

The cards match on multiple keywords and titles. To try them out, download the Chrome extension for HyperIntelligence following the installation instructions on our MicroStrategy Community Page. Turn the cards on and hover over any of the following phrases, and you'll see the cards pop up:

  1. First All-Female Spacewalk
  2. US Soccer Team Demands Equal Pay
  3. Nobel Prize in Economics
  4. Most Decorated Gymnast
  5. Golden Globes History
  6. Women in U.S. Presidential Debate
  7. Know My Name
  8. Changes to Guardianship Law
  9. Period. End of Sentence Wins Oscar
  10. Slovakia Elects First Female President
  11. Two Native American Women in Congress
  12. First Female Chief Economist
  13. Costume Design Oscar Award
  14. Abel Prize for Mathematics
  15. Under 2h15 Marathon

Below, you can find a preview of what you'll see when you hover over any of the keywords for these cards:


International Women's Day at MicroStrategy

In addition to creating HyperIntelligence Cards to celebrate important moments for women in 2019, MicroStrategy will host its own International Women's Day event. At the Table, the MicroStrategy Women's Network, will host a panel at company headquarters to discuss this year's theme, "Each for Equal." The panel will focus on equality topics including gender balance, collective individualism, inclusion, and personal advocacy.

Look for related posts on the MicroStrategy blog focused on this year’s Women’s Day theme. You can also visit the International Women’s Day website to learn more and find an event near you.


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