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Three Ways Embedded Analytics Creates More Data-minded Employees

Embedded analytics can help users work smarter by adding powerful data analysis tools to pre-existing interfaces and workflows. Increasingly, companies are embedding business intelligence (BI) solutions into their applications to help bring their workforces into the information age. The reason: data, unlike nearly anything else today, has the power to completely transform the way employees – across organizations and industries – get work done.

Below are three ways that embedded analytics is helping to create more data-minded employees:

  1. An intuitive and consistent UX increases user adoption

    Over the past few years, BI and analytics tools have made great strides in usability. However, many employees are hesitant to learn new software and applications - resulting in suboptimal adoption rates. The key to combating this is matching the look, feel, and user experience of BI apps with an organization's existing business applications.

    For example, check out how the state of Ohio Department of Education, deployed its Ohio School Report Cards app to provide the public with detailed information on schools and districts, such as student performance metrics, enrollment and graduation rates, and funding levels.

    You wouldn’t know that MicroStrategy analytics was behind this design unless I told you, right? That's the beauty of embedded analytics. It's easy to use, intuitive, and blends with an organization's existing look and feel.

  2. Personalization meets modern design

    Embedded analytics allows applications to be highly customizable and easily branded, so organizations can incorporate analytics into pre-existing company business applications and match organizational design standards. They can produce custom-branded mobile apps, custom icons, splash screens, login menus, and more.

    The goal is to eliminate any confusion employees may have over a new application or piece of software. It’s the same application they were always familiar with, just with a few new tools and features. Sensing a theme here?

  3. Less strain on IT

    One of the key benefits of embedding analytics into existing business applications is that it makes the tools accessible to more users without an increased burden on IT. This is especially important given the continued rise of self-service analytics within the enterprise. As more and more users are expected to develop data literacy, it's critical that their introduction to BI tools be as smooth as possible. Code-free data source connectors help everyone across the organization surface new data sources and take analytics into their own hands.

These are just a few of the reasons why your organization should consider exploring embedded analytics. MicroStrategy offers rich capabilities to support multi-tenant embedded analysis, reporting, and more. To learn more, watch our on-demand webcast, "Capabilities for Embedded Analytics Applications". 
To learn more about our solutions for OEMs, visit our Embedded Analytics for OEMs page.

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