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These Bleeding Edge Tech Trends will Drive Exponential Business Impact

In Constellation Research’s latest digital transformation report, respondents said the top three goals of their digital transformation strategy were to:

  1. Reach and engage with customers more effectively
  2. Build a competitive advantage in the current market
  3. Implement new, data-driven business models

With digital disruption accelerating, staying on top of technology trends has never been more important, especially when it comes to data-driven decisions.

In 10 Enterprise Analytics Trends to Watch in 2019, Constellation VP and Principal Analyst Doug Henschen notes that the pace of data maturity is accelerating, as well—especially when it comes to the growing separation between leaders and laggards. Henschen says that from his point of view, “the state of data management has matured such that leading companies and even many fast followers have embraced and mastered next-generation big-data platforms and NoSQL databases.

“Leaders and fast followers have also learned how to take advantage of the agility of cloud-based services and data platforms. The leaders have also mastered machine learning techniques and have experimented with deep learning, natural language processing, and other technologies associated with artificial intelligence.”

In short, data maturity is such that having data at scale and even having solid data management across on-premises and cloud-based sources is no longer differentiating for the leading five percent of organizations or the fast-following 15% of organizations. —Doug Henschen, Constellation Research

So where are leaders focusing next when it comes to bleeding edge initiatives that will not only drive transformation, but have an exponential business impact? Henschen recently released Constellation Research’s Data to Decisions AstroChart of Business and Technology Trends that Enterprises Must Track Through 2024, which provides the answer.

The report, which serves as both an investment and benchmarking reference, features two charts (one for business trends and one for technology trends), and identifies the adoption rate and business model impact of 20+ investment areas that should be top of mind for most enterprise professionals. These include GDPR, data monetization, and AI ethics, on the business trends AstroChart. On the technology trends AstroChart, there is augmented analytics, insight services, and robotic process automation (RPA).

The AstroCharts’ vertical axes plot “Organizational Adoption,” which rates trends from Mainstream to Early Adopter to Bleeding Edge:

  • Mainstream: An organizational style that prefers generally accepted technologies
  • Early Adopter: An organizational style that begins using new and emerging technologies
  • Bleeding Edge: An organizational style that proactively uses new and emerging technologies prior to general availability

The horizontal axes plot “Business Impact,” the impact of the trend on an organization’s business model, from Incremental to Transformational to Exponential:

  • Incremental: A business effect that results in marginal improvement
  • Transformational: A business effect that results in a noteworthy improvement and innovation
  • Exponential: A business effect that results in extraordinary improvements and innovation

Ready to see what tech trends your organization should be paying attention to drive exponential business value—and what most organizations have already adopted? Download a complimentary copy of the Constellation Research report.

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