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The Fastest Route to Becoming an Intelligent Enterprise

Over the last several years, we’ve had hundreds, if not thousands, of conversations with enterprise organizations struggling with how to digitally transform themselves using data. With digital disruption accelerating, they’re looking for the fastest (yet best) route to compete with a formidable set of external forces that are impacting their growth and future. These include regulatory and competitive challenges, trending technologies such as cloud computing and machine learning, and market disruptors such as Amazon.

The advantage these enterprise organizations have, however, is their unique investments in enterprise assets, such as databases,  enterprise applications, and physical access control systems. Their goal is to get the most value out of these systems—and provide it to their entire workforce to help them do their jobs better.

What we realized from all of these conversations (and the best practices we heard along the way) is that the data-driven transformation all enterprise organizations are seeking lies at the crossroads of best-in-class technology and best-in-class technique. So, we took that to heart, and over many months, created a Map of the Intelligent Enterprise that any enterprise organization can follow to reach that destination.


If you look at any enterprise organization, their intelligence-related needs are to be able to trust the information they provide, access that information across a variety of different devices, and embed the intelligence in a variety of applications. To that end, the Map of the Intelligent Enterprise showcases how you can use an intelligence platform to implement layers, and publish a federated data layer that anyone in the organization can use and access—that also provides trusted, accurate information.

It also notes the technologies to build everything from enterprise analytics applications to mobile productivity applications, which can be consumed across a variety of devices such as TVs, laptops, mobile devices, and even voice.

Organized by sections (external forces, enterprise assets, intelligence platform, intelligence program, intelligence architecture, intelligence center, and intelligence applications), the map allows anyone to understand where they are right now and where they’re trying to go. It allows a person, team, or entire organization to:

  1. Evaluate: Assess how external forces impact your organization and incorporate them into your enterprise strategy and roadmap
  2. Catalog: Categorize your enterprise assets and identify constituents who would benefit from access to information and enterprise systems
  3. Empower: Arm individuals and teams with powerful tools to explore data on their terms, while establishing a foundation for a single version of the truth across the enterprise
  4. Plot a course: Map out the people, processes, and architecture required to build an Intelligent Enterprise and launch your journey

For enterprise organizations that feel they have a long way to go in a short time with regard to digital transformation, we’ve invested MicroStrategy’s 20+ years of knowledge and learning in this visual guide.

Look for future blogs that expand upon each section of the Map of the Intelligent Enterprise. In the meantime, check out this recent post from Rich Cober: Organizational Design for the Intelligent Enterprise. You can also download the map and learn more about becoming an Intelligent Enterprise.

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