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7 Trending Technology Sessions You Won’t Want to Miss at MicroStrategy World 2019

Today’s data-driven organizations are looking for ways to get ahead by evolving their business models and customer experience. More and more, this requires an early interest and investment in transformational technologies.

According to the World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs Report, 85% of companies say they are likely or very likely to have expanded their use of big data analytics by 2022. Similar percentages anticipate expanded use of machine learning, the Internet of Things, augmented reality, and virtual reality within the next few years.

The recent Harvard Business Review Analytic Services report, An Inflection Point for the Data-Driven Enterprise, confirms that the expanded use of trending technologies in connection with analytics is top of mind for enterprise executives. In the report:

  • 81% of companies say digital identity is very important to the future performance of their organization (but just 18% have already implemented this capability at scale).
  • 70% say machine learning and artificial intelligence are very important (but only 8% have implemented this at scale).
  • 56% said that the Internet of Things is very important (but only 6% have already implemented related initiatives at scale).
  • and 54% note that conversational platforms are very important (yet just 5% have implemented this capability at scale).

What do the numbers above mean for your data-driven organization? Many would view the current implementation statistics as an opportunity to take an early lead. Here are seven sessions that will be featured at MicroStrategy World 2019—they’re sure to help your data-driven organization get that head start:

1. Real-Time Face Analysis and Image Recognition Applications with MicroStrategy

Real-time facial analysis systems can recognize the age, gender, facial expressions, and other features of users appearing in front of a camera. Combining MicroStrategy with these technologies, such as Amazon Rekognition, allows you to automatically identify people, expressions, and emotions and take appropriate actions. Attend this session to learn:

  • How MicroStrategy REST APIs integrate with external recognition services
  • How to create real-time visualizations
  • How to build and deploy real-time solutions
  • Potential use cases for this integration with accompanying demos

2. Injecting Identity & Telemetry into Third-Party Platforms for New Insights

Enterprise systems, sensors, and applications generate data that is often stored in disparate systems. MicroStrategy lets you bring this information together, combining real-time and historical data, while incorporating sophisticated analytics—and present the outcome with beautiful visualizations. Attend this session to learn:

  • How to integrate telemetry and identity into applications
  • How to generate valuable identity intelligence within your enterprise
  • How to blend real-time telemetry data into every analysis to develop 360-degree views of your organization

3. Machine Learning with MicroStrategy

MicroStrategy customers use machine learning to push insights to decision makers around the world, in different industries, and across a variety of devices. Attend this session to learn how you can combine governed data, today’s best machine learning tools, and the MicroStrategy platform to produce predictive data products that change how your organization makes data-driven decisions. Attend this session to learn:

  • Why a governed and scalable environment is essential for successful data science projects
  • When and how to use MicroStrategy data science and machine learning tools
  • How to evolve from predictive dashboards to predictive data products

4. Your Voice is Your Passport: Implementing Voice-driven Applications with Amazon Alexa

To make analytics more pervasive, organizations need to leverage modern technologies that empower a broader range of users and go beyond data-savvy analysts. In this session, get an overview of how voice-controlled applications can accelerate adoption, integration with Alexa, and best practices for using voice assistants. Attend this session to learn:

  • How to use MicroStrategy SDK capabilities to integrate with Alexa
  • Demos of sample prototypes of Alexa-controlled analytics applications
  • Potential use cases for Alexa, from basic administrative tasks to mission-critical executive summaries and KPIs
  • How to customize and create rules to integrate specific voice-controlled tasks

5. Conversing with Your Data: Using Natural Language to Boost Self-Service Analytics

Self-service analytics that delivered data discovery with point-and-click or drag-and-drop options has evolved to include natural language queries to generate new visualizations. This advancement is bound to move the needle and will empower more users across the organization. By leveraging natural language, MicroStrategy can help fill the gap between human communication and computer understanding—letting users ask questions or type business terms in order to find insights. MicroStrategy can also make data, charts, and dashboards more accessible to more people by providing textual descriptions and interpretation. Attend this session to learn:

  • How MicroStrategy, through its partnerships with Automated Insights and Narrative Science, produces intelligent narratives that describe the analytics users are viewing
  • New NLQ (Natural Language Querying) capabilities that allow analysts to type business questions to automatically generate the most appropriate chart or graph
  • Product demos covering various use cases

6. Chatbot Takeover: How to Deploy AI-Driven Apps Fast with Machine Learning

MicroStrategy offers a robust set of APIs that integrate with modern technologies, including chatbots and other voice guided devices. This enables developers to build and deploy AI applications that leverage Natural Language Generation (NLG) and machine learning, giving end users the ability to ask simple questions and get automated responses. Attend this session to learn:

  • How organizations can deploy chatbots across many clients to boost the adoption of analytics
  • How to create and deploy chatbots to MicroStrategy Library and Dossier, and third-party services including Skype, Slack, and Facebook Messenger
  • How to train your bot and about features of Alexa for Business for full control over the deployment of the automatically created private skills on your corporate Alexa device

7. IoT for the Intelligent Enterprise: Leveraging Big Data, Telemetry, and AI

MicroStrategy arms every organization with the big data, real-time telemetry, and machine learning functionality they need to stay competitive in today's increasingly interconnected world. Attend this session to learn about:

  • The architecture underpinning IoT applications
  • MicroStrategy functionality for IoT, big data, and machine learning
  • Demos on key use cases including: predictive maintenance, vehicle telemetry, fleet management, smart grid, connected factory, smart city, and agriculture

The list above is just a start when it comes to the analytics innovation that attendees will learn about at MicroStrategy World 2019. We’ve got much to announce before and during the event (get a sneak peek), with related first-look and learning sessions planned. Check out the ever-evolving session list and register for World 2019 to get a head start on your data-driven business transformation.

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