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Not to Birst Your Bubble

Things move fast in the business intelligence world. That’s why the news of Infor acquiring Birst isn’t shocking or notable per se. As our CEO Michael Saylor recently put it, we see this as merely “the latest in a long string of stumbles” from our competition.

MicroStrategy was founded in 1989 with a vision to help companies deliver intelligence everywhere. The BI market has seen many changes over the years since then, but our vision remains just as relevant today. Currently, we provide one of the most unique value propositions in the market: comprehensive enterprise analytics and mobility on a single platform. Thousands of organizations and institutions continue to rely on MicroStrategy to solve their enterprise BI needs – and there’s no sign that our innovation in the space will stop.

Today’s BI and analytics companies look for every opportunity to get ahead. They know that while it’s a crowded field, the number of truly full-service, customer-oriented BI providers is smaller than meets the eye. When these companies hit a technology plateau or fail to sustain organic growth, they move quickly to acquire other companies to enlarge their feature set or boost the performance of their solutions. In making the latest acquisition, Infor is either aiming to build upon Birst’s infrastructure, or take a wrecking ball to it completely. Either way, MicroStrategy will be here when the dust settles. Here’s why, with MicroStrategy, companies can:

  • Quickly deploy sophisticated enterprise analytical and mobility applications at scale
  • Realize the full potential of their data by natively accessing HDFS
  • Make data-driven decisions with unmatched predictive and data mining capabilities
  • Benefit from business friendly self-service analytics and rapid dashboard development
  • Build any report or dashboard they want, and automatically deliver personalized content to every user, in any format, on any device
  • Mobilize any information system, business process, or web application with amazing, impactful results

In short, we’re optimistic about our place in the BI market, both today and for years to come. Infor scooping up Birst is simply another step in the industry’s evolution – one we’re excited to lead for decades to come. In the meantime, we’ll let our platform do the talking.

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