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New TDWI Research Confirms 2018 is the Year of Self-Service BI

In 2018, self-service business intelligence is expected to go mainstream. And there’s new research out that confirms the trend.

In its recent report, the Self-Service Analytics Maturity Model Guide, TDWI finds what many of us in the industry have expected for some time – more and more organizations are recognizing the need for self-service BI. They understand the value in reducing time to insight, improving operational efficiencies, better understanding their customers, and more.

As far back as 2013, TDWI executive surveys have shown significant interest from business leaders in adopting self-service BI platforms, tools, and analytics solutions – but this year the stars are aligning as organizations recognize the need for self-service.

In its report, TDWI quantifies self-service BI maturity by ranking companies in the following five categories: data organization, data management, data infrastructure, data analytics, and data governance. The research firm recommends measuring the performance of each category to examine the processes, platforms, and people working with critical data. Conducting this type of audit also helps clarify the value of self-service BI specific to business goals.

The TDWI model provides an excellent framework for companies to work from as they move to make the most of their investment in BI – ultimately maximizing the potential of every data scientist, engineer, and business user at an organization.  

MicroStrategy partners with companies at all levels of self-service BI maturity as they work to transform into Intelligent Enterprises. Our team is dedicated to delivering, improving, and streamlining self-service BI for every enterprise customer.  

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