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MicroStrategy 10.9: Certification of Dossiers and Documents

MicroStrategy 10.9 introduced Dossiers™, a brand-new way for business users to consume analytics. Dossiers bring lots of exciting new functionality to market, including watermarks for certified analytics content. Read on to learn more about how this new capability is enabling governance and helping organizations roll out trusted, enterprise data discovery.

The ability to certify content is especially important for organizations who have invested in rolling out self-service analytics to their business users. Since self-service analytics often goes hand-in-hand with the ability to blend data from various sources, there’s a demand within organizations to help employees differentiate between content that is tied to certified, trusted information as opposed to content based off of unverified data.

With dossiers, content authors and data stewards now have the ability to watermark analytics content with a “certified” stamp. This stamp verifies that these dossiers have been vetted by the proper parties and shown to contain only trustworthy information. That means users can rest easy when they see the certification mark, knowing that it signifies their organization’s stamp of approval.

While the certification process may vary by organization, having the ability to watermark BI content with a “certified” stamp offers an easy way to manage governance. Data stewards and content authors can be granted the appropriate privileges in order to certify content, and business users can then easily identify which content has been approved by the organization.

For more information about the content certification process and to learn what else is new in MicroStrategy 10.9, click here

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