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INFOGRAPHIC: How Much Data by 2025?

IDC predicts that our digital universe—the data we create and copy—is growing by 40% each year, and that by 2020, it will contain nearly as many digital bits as there are stars in our physical universe.

Imagine this: if the digital universe were represented by the memory in a stack of 128 GB tablets, there would have been one stack stretching two-thirds of the way from the earth to the moon in 2013 (representing 4.4 zettabytes). IDC predicts our digital universe can be represented by 6.6 stacks of these tablets stretching from the Big Blue Marble to the moon by 2020 (representing 44 zettabytes).

How much larger will the global datasphere grow by 2025? Check out these statistics from IDC’s Data Age 2025 report:

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