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INFOGRAPHIC: 2020 Global State of Enterprise Analytics

With digital disruption accelerating, 94% of enterprise analytics and business professionals say data and analytics are key to their organization’s digital transformation and business growth—yet 97% of real-time decisions are currently data-deprived, reveals MicroStrategy’s 2020 Global State of Enterprise Analytics Report.

The Global State of Enterprise Analytics Report, which surveyed 500 decision-makers from around the globe, provides key findings for the enterprise, including:

  • Compared to executives and management employees, front-line employees have shockingly limited access to data and analytics, especially those that could assist them with real-time decision making.
  • For 60% of employees, it takes hours or days to get the information they need, while only 3% can find information in seconds
  • When those who aren’t adept at analytics need to make a data-driven decision, 79% have to ask IT or a business analyst for help; only 7% use a self-service tool

Investments in analytics initiatives, namely talent and technology, are increasing, however, in anticipation of a data deluge—and early analytics leaders are experiencing noted benefits, including the development of new business models.

Read all the insights (with both global and country-specific views), or see and hear them in an interactive 2020 Global State of Enterprise Analytics Reveal. The infographic below features highlights from the report which serves as a benchmarking resource for all data-driven organizations.

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