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Dossier as a Storybook Analytics Experience

MicroStrategy’s newest feature release, version 10.9, introduced users to DossierTM: a brand-new way to view and analyze data. Its sleek interface presents data in an interactive format of chapters and pages – helping to make even the most complex information easier to analyze and consume for everyone in the organization. 

Dossier offers a simple and consistent UX that enables users to focus on the results of analysis, rather than spending time searching for related data for comparison. The table of contents menu allows users to navigate across the various chapters and pages of the dossier quickly to find data, so it’s essentially like reading a book. Your end users will be ready for it from day one.

Using Dossier’s powerful filters, users can now find answers faster. Visual filters empower users to make smarter choices when filtering data. Advanced charts and graphs can now be included in the filter panel – presenting selectors to end users that are intuitive and easier to navigate than drop-down menus or check box lists.

MicroStrategy Dossier

Dossiers work across smart devices to ensure the information presented is always in a consistent and digestible format. End users on any device can benefit from the increased search functionality.

MicroStrategy Dossier device family

With Dossier, all of your company’s analytics can live in a vibrant, interactive book-of-your-business that combines several streams of information into one place. And with MicroStrategy LibraryTM, we’ve built a brand-new personalized portal for every end user, where they will be able to navigate and explore their dossiers and find the information they need, fast—making analytics more accessible to more users.

For more information about dossiers, and how to create one for your business, click here.


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