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Analytics Acquisitions and BI Fabric: What You Need to Know

The BI and analytics space has seen a steady stream of merger and acquisition announcements lately. Salesforce acquired Tableau. Google acquired Looker. Logi acquired Zoomdata. Alteryx acquired ClearStory. Sisense merged with Periscope Data.

Most bets say that the M&A in this mature market is likely to continue. This is the subject of a recent webcast featuring Forrester VP and Principal Analyst Boris Evelson and MicroStrategy SEVP and CMO Marge Breya, both of whom hold more than 25 years of experience in the BI and analytics industry. In the webcast, Evelson shares his perspective on what’s driving the latest wave of vendor acquisitions, along with his advice on what brands and organizations can do to protect their current and future business intelligence and analytics investments from M&A risk.

His three recommendations include:

  • Designing the three main components of full-stack BI separately 

  • Giving insights platforms from systems integrators a chance

  • Deploying BI fabric technologies as a wrapper around multiple enterprise BI platforms

BI fabric reduces reliance on a single vendor and makes it easier to migrate from one BI platform to another should a vendor be acquired. It enables platform change without supporting a specific brand or organizations’ initiatives.

Evelson explains it in detail in this Forrester report. The keys to BI fabric include:

  1. A common semantic layer with shared data sources, shared queries, shared cubes, and shared business definitions that supports BI and data governance

  2. A common portal with shared search, collaboration, and alerts that supports BI governance

  3. Hyperlinking all content to incorporate embedded BI and analytics, “push” intelligence, and pervasive BI/analytics

In the webcast, Evelson also shares the eye-opening and growing divide between organizations with advanced insights-driven business capabilities versus those at the beginning of their digital transformation journey. For example, results from the 2019 Forrester Analytics Global Business Technographics Data And Analytics Survey show that 62% of those at advanced firms either expect or already are experiencing growing revenue as a systems-of-insight benefit compared to 43% of beginners. From improvements in revenue to risk/loss management, Forrester’s research confirms the need for those who are behind to move forward faster.

Want to hear Evelson’s presentation around recent and future analytics vendor M&A, get his BI fabric insights, and discover MicroStrategy’s capabilities when it comes to BI fabric? Watch the on-demand webcast, Analytics Acquisitions and BI Fabric: What You Need to Know.


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