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75% Say Mobile Devices are Critical to Enterprise Innovation and Collaboration

With trends such as digital transformation, artificial intelligence, voice, and IoT crowding today’s business technology headlines, mobile (now considered known and familiar) gets less press respect. But consider its key role in all of the the attention-getting trends, and then also consider this: According to a 2018 Oxford Economics survey of 500 senior IT executives, CEOs, and other senior managers, 80% say workers cannot do their jobs effectively without a mobile device.

The same survey shows:

  • 82% say mobile devices are critical to employee productivity
  • 82% say mobile devices are critical to agility and the speed of decision making
  • 76% say mobile devices are critical to customer service and satisfaction
  • 75% say mobile devices are critical to innovation and collaboration
  • 70% say mobile devices are critical to employee satisfaction
  • and 70% say mobile devices are critical to revenue growth.

The known and familiar may require a fresh look and focus from enterprise organizations.

According to GMSA data, there are now more than five billion unique mobile subscribers globally, and more than 7.5 billion connected IoT devices, with the latter number predicted to rise to more than 25 billion by 2025.

For enterprise organizations, there is no time like the present to embrace the evolving and pervasive use of mobile technology. But it’s not just about increased convenience, availability, and agility. Harnessing the power of voice, device location, proximity, and other data, machine learning and AI will provide relevant information and analytics to enable rapid action—moving mobile and mobile app-enabled organizations even further ahead in digital transformation initiatives.

Some Additional Statistics to Consider

According to App Annie, more than 28.4 billion apps were downloaded globally across iOS and Google Play in Q2 2018, up 15% year over year. In addition, consumers spent $18.5 billion across iOS and Google Play combined, up 20% year over year. In 2022, 258 billion annual app downloads are predicted, along with more than $157 billion in app store consumer spend.

What can mobile and mobile apps mean to your business and bottom line? It’s time to refocus on mobile.

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