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2020 Enterprise Analytics Trends: AI is Real and Ready

In 2019, more than half (53%) of global data and analytics decision makers surveyed by Forrester said they had implemented, were in the process of implementing, or were expanding or upgrading their implementation of some form of artificial intelligence.

Were you in the majority who implemented AI in 2019—or the minority who didn't?

In the Forrester report Predictions 2020: Artificial Intelligence—It’s Time to Turn the Artificial Into Reality (Checks), Forrester analysts say this is no time to tiptoe around the technology. Organizations must work through challenges such as prioritizing use cases, acquiring the right talent, designing a governance framework, and choosing relevant technologies—but no matter what, invest in AI.

In 2020, Forrester predicts that bold CDAOs and CIOs will come to the rescue of data scientists who are currently spending up to 90% of their time prepping data, and make it so that they can focus on building machine learning models and finding business value through AI.

While external market events in 2020 may tempt companies to play it safe with AI, the courageous ones will continue to invest. —Predictions 2020

In its research, the analyst firm has found that those organizations with a Chief Data Officer are far more apt to be leaders in artificial intelligence use. “Firms with chief data officers (CDOs) are already about 1.5 times more likely to use AI, ML, and/or deep learning for their insights initiatives than those without CDOs,” notes the report.

"Next year, more of these confident CDAOs and CIOs will see to it that data science teams have what they need in terms of data, so that they can spend 70%, 80%, or 90% of their time actually modeling for AI use cases."

2020 will be a year of less AI experimentation and increased implementation for leaders. Where does your organization stand this year—leader, laggard, or fast follower?

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