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10 Top Data and Analytics Technology Trends Sure to Impact Your Business

With 2020 upon us, data and analytics leaders are taking a hard look at their current business, the competition, customer feedback and expectations, and accelerating technology trends. They’re adjusting their operating, business, and strategy models accordingly.

With innovation and associated disruption happening faster than ever before, Gartner notes that data and analytics professionals should have formal mechanisms in place to identify technology trends—but also to know which ones to monitor or experiment with, and which to prioritize and deploy based on the biggest potential impact on their competitive advantage.

Which trends are the right ones for organizations to focus on? In Top 10 Data and Analytics Technology Trends That Will Change Your Business, Gartner says these trends have the potential to transform business and will see accelerated adoption over the next three to five years:

  1. Augmented Analytics
  2. Augmented Data Management
  3. NLP and Conversational Analytics
  4. Graph Analytics
  5. Commercial Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning
  6. Data Fabric
  7. Explainable AI
  8. Blockchain
  9. Continuous Intelligence
  10. Persistent Memory Servers

Want to know why these? Why now? What they enable, and how your organization can use them to the best advantage? Get Gartner’s insights and recommendations with a complimentary copy of the report.

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