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10 Enterprise Analytics Trends to Watch in 2019

To survive and thrive in an era of accelerating digital disruption, organizations require accessible data, actionable insights, continuous innovation, and disruptive business models. It’s no longer enough to prioritize and implement analytics—leaders are being challenged to stop doing analytics just for analytics’ sake and focus on defined business outcomes.

As AI, accelerated growth, and transformation become top of mind, many leaders are realizing that their current segmented analytics approach isn’t built to last, and that real transformation will require proper end-to-end data management, data security, and a company-wide data processing platform. The year 2019 will be a turning point for many organizations that realize simply being “data-driven” won’t guarantee future success.

As organizations focus their 2020 (and even 2030) vision, there are 10 key trends that leading big data and analytics influencers say deserve executives’ attention. The first comes from Forrester VP and Principal Analyst Mike Gualtieri, Forrester Principal Analyst Jennifer Belissent, and Forrester Senior Analyst Cinny Little, who predict that in 2019, the data mindset will move from visualization to outcomes: “Interesting is no longer the standard for business insights efforts. Instead, insights projects must draw a straight line from business objectives to business outcomes.”

“According to Forrester Analytics, 57% of global data and analytics decision makers are still at the early stages of their insights-driven business transformation and fall into our beginner maturity segment. Only 8% demonstrate advanced insights-driven competencies.” —Forrester Predictions 2019: Business Insights

BBBT member Marcus Borba notes that there will be increasing investments in explainable AI, all with very important reason: to manage regulations, ethical use of data, transparency, compliance requirements, and risk. As artificial intelligence becomes more sophisticated, concerns around fairness, bias, and security will require immediate action.

MicroStrategy CMO Marge Breya focuses on a breakthrough in enterprise analytics that delivers intelligence to all employees in a way that’s easily consumed by every individual, finally breaking down the barrier to organization-wide analytics adoption. “Self-evident analytics through HyperIntelligence will trump self-service in 2019,” notes Breya. Read more about it here.

IDC Research Manager Chandana Gopal also supports that success in the digital economy will be enabled by embedding intelligence into day-to-day business applications so that all employees are empowered. “Data volumes and complexity are rapidly increasing, and enterprises need a clear strategy to provide all knowledge workers access to data and analytics within their workstreams,” says Gopal.

Taking a look at what will be differentiating for analytics leaders and fast followers in 2019, Constellation Research VP and Principal Analyst Doug Henschen says there are three areas in which leaders will need to excel. Read them here.

“Data maturity is such that having data at scale and even having solid data management across on-premises and cloud-based sources is no longer differentiating for the leading five percent of organizations or the fast-following 15% of organizations.” —Doug Henschen, Constellation Research

Ventana Research SVP David Menninger, who predicted the mainstream use of voice-assistants for analytics in 2018, notes that collaboration will be a major focus in 2019. “Our research shows that more than half (52%) of organizations use or intend to use collaboration with analytics. Keep your eye on the prize—action, not just analytics,” notes Menninger.

Constellation Research Founder and Principal Analyst Ray Wang echoes that emotion. “Stop doing analytics for analytics’ sake,” advises the Disrupting Digital Business author. He also notes that analytics leaders will apply AI for business agility and scale in 2019, but should do so with five important elements in mind. Read them here.

On a related note, analytics and digital transformation influencer Ronald van Loon says that in 2019, artificial intelligence strategies will become a necessity. “It’s not a matter of if AI will transform your industry—it’s only a matter of when,” warns van Loon. “The earlier businesses are ready to use artificial intelligence throughout their core functions, the faster they will benefit from it, and the more prepared they will be for the digital future. Therefore, every business needs an AI strategy and must prepare an end-to-end AI management solution for 2019.”

In 10 Enterprise Analytics Trends to Watch in 2019, Georgia Tech Executive and Professor of Analytics Beverly Wright lists six trends she’s watching for in 2019, including the increased movement toward automation, AI, and deep learning techniques, methods, and processes. Another trend is deliberate data-culture initiatives, which Ventana Research CEO Mark Smith notes can be bolstered by enterprise mobility. In his trend to watch, Smith focuses on six key mobile innovations that are making enterprise mobility a fundamental future focus.

From embedded and AI-augmented analytics to collaborative decision making, a laser focus on business outcomes, AI strategies, transformational mobility, and answers that find you, get an in-depth look at what today’s thought leaders say organizations need to focus on today to survive and thrive tomorrow. Download this top resource for 2019 or watch the reveal webcast featuring analytics and digital transformation influencer Ronald van Loon.

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