MicroStrategy Academic Program

MicroStrategy proudly supports the advancement of business intelligence and analytics through academic programs. As part of this commitment, we offer analytics and data discovery tools for teaching purposes to students and faculty, completely free.

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Current students and recent graduates can enroll in our program and deepen their analytical knowledge by completing eight of our comprehensive, analyst level courses. Then, students can take three hands-on certifications to validate their expertise in business intelligence. After successfully completing certifications, students receive digital diplomas and badges to post on social media to highlight their accomplishments. MicroStrategy certifications validate and promote students’ expertise in the industry.

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Participate in our Academic Program and take advantage of:

  • 8 comprehensive courses designed for analysts, data scientists and developers
  • 3 certifications that will add value to your resume

Enrolling in our program will help you:

  • Gain new practical skills that are applicable to any job
  • Enhance research papers and presentations with data driven stories


What Our Students Are Saying

“Tools are convenient to use, and clear layout makes the work much more pleasant….MicroStrategy is for everyone, from beginners to advanced analysts.”
– Tomasz Bronk
“MicroStrategy was absolutely useful. I continue using it during classes and even for some projects at work. I now consider MicroStrategy as a must-have on your desktop for work.”
– Valentina Khodas
“All the classes have been really well organized by the MicroStrategy professionals….Now I know that the best way to analyze KPIs or look at the data fully from different points is using MicroStrategy. And today I use it as much as I can in any kind of project. Data will never be the same as it was before MicroStrategy.”
– Mikita Drozd

Top schools use MicroStrategy to teach data analytics.

Powerful desktop analytics for academia.