MicroStrategy for Students

Learn valuable data skills and produce work that matters. Build your knowledge in cleaning and visualizing data to turn your datasets into meaningful insights. With newfound data analytics abilities, advance your academic career and professional aspirations to new levels.

Why MicroStrategy?

Cultivate Valuable Skills

Data analytics knowledge is sought after in today’s job market that make your resume competitive. Develop tangible skills that you can readily apply in any role.

Master a Platform with Ease

Desktop’s comprehensive platform and intuitive interface makes it easy for you to swiftly analyze datasets of all sizes and types. Explore data at scale within a few clicks.

Create Meaningful Work

Design and develop beautiful dashboards ready for presentations. Showcase your analytical skills and data-rich insights through consumable content.

Top schools use MicroStrategy to teach data analytics.

How to Get Started

Step 1

Download MicroStrategy Desktop

Step 2

Watch training videos on how to use MicroStrategy.

Step 3

Learn through workshops.

For a self-guided learning experience we provide 8 workshops to help you get ahead of the learning curve. Topics include Data Discovery, Data preparation, Cloud Analytics, Predictive analytics and R, Text analytics, Geospatial Analytics, and Mobile application development.

Download Workshops

Become a data scientist today with MicroStrategy Desktop.