MicroStrategy for Instructors

Shape higher education and impact students by incorporating data analytics into your curriculum. Share the power of MicroStrategy with students to help them understand the world through data. Evolve and enhance your teaching methods with an easy-to-use analytics platform.

Why MicroStrategy?

Cultivate Valuable Skills

Understanding of data analytics is high demand in the modern workplace. Organizations and companies depend on it to tackle their business challenges.

Engage Your Students

MicroStrategy’s comprehensive platform and intuitive interface makes it easy for you to help your students uncover insights into their datasets with cutting edge technology. Offer access to a powerful platform that doesn’t sacrifice scalability for usability.

Ready for the Classroom

Easily embed data analytics into your curriculum with our tutorials and workshop materials as well as two immersive options of the MicroStrategy platform that can be incorporated into any lesson plan. Ready-to-use materials and tutorials require little preparation to offering analytically rich lesson plans.

Top schools use MicroStrategy to teach data analytics.

How to Get Started

Step 1

Choose the MicroStrategy product to fit your teaching style.

MicroStrategy Desktop

  • Simple to download. Simple to use. Desktop is a perpetually FREE and powerful data-discovery tool that delivers everything you need to access, visualize, and analyze your data.
  • Desktop offers: fast and flexible self-service analytics, access to 70+ data sources, built in data preparation, advanced analytical functions, big data connectivity, and the ability to work offline.

MicroStrategy on AWS

  • A term-based FREE cloud option designed for the classroom that offers MicroStrategy’s full enterprise suite of functionalities.
  • Instructors can launch dedicated cloud servers for up to four months to serve fifty users.
  • No physical software to download, leaving students and instructors more time to focus on data-driven lesson plans and access to their reports and dossiers via any web browser.
Step 2

Watch training videos on how to use MicroStrategy.

Bring analytics into the classroom