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MicroStrategy Products

MicroStrategy products provide access to our capabilities via Clients, Servers, Drivers, Gateways, and Applications.


MicroStrategy provides a fast and intuitive analytics experience across web, desktop, and mobile interfaces. Business analysts, IT developers, and administrators can seamlessly create logical data models with Architect and deliver custom applications using a powerful set of APIs.


A consumer license that allows end users to view, execute, and interact with dashboards, reports, and documents via MicroStrategy Web.


Allows organizations to build a governed, scalable, secure, and highly-performant environment that can be used to build and deploy custom branded applications for Web or Mobile.


A zero-footprint web interface that allows users to access analytics on multiple browsers and design, interact with, and consume information via pixel-perfect reports, documents, or dashboards.


A free self-service data discovery tool that allows business users to connect to multiple data sources, create dashboards, and make more informed decisions.


A BI development tool that maps the physical structure of one or more data sources to a single, logical, object-oriented metadata model.


MicroStrategy Mobile allows organizations to deploy mobile analytics and build powerful productivity apps that deliver native, secure, mobile-optimized experiences that take advantage of the unique capabilities of mobile devices.


Smartphone-based digital credentials that can secure an enterprise, deliver analytics to improve productivity, and provide critical two-way communication.


Replace physical badges, key fobs, and passwords with digital credentials on a branded mobile app that are securely linked to an individual’s unique privileges and access rights.

Reporter Client

The Reporter Client is an add-on module to the Reporter Server product. This product serves users in an organization who are data consumers, i.e., those who exclusively view content. Reporter gives users the capability to only view dashboards, reports, and documents and perform basic operations from a Web browser. The corresponding Reporter Server product includes the capabilities that leverage in-memory data to perform operations such as running dashboards, reports, and documents sourced from Intelligent Cubes. This is purely a consumption product which means that a different user (an Architect or Web user) must create and deploy dashboards, documents, and reports.

Capabilities include:

  • Sort and pivot
  • Share
  • Drill
  • Print
  • Execute dashboards, reports, and documents
  • Re-run dashboards, reports, and documents
  • Export to PDF, .mstr, Excel, HTML, etc.
  • Access dashboards, reports, and documents built on Intelligent cubes.
  • Perform operations that utilize in-memory capabilities


  • Cannot save or design dashboards, reports, and documents
  • Cannot upload .mstr files to a server
  • Cannot save metadata objects such as prompts, prompt answers, metrics etc.
  • No access to administrative or monitoring capabilities
  • Cannot publishing Intelligent cubes
  • Cannot be combined with Mobile Client
  • Cannot distribute dashboards, reports, and documents using MicroStrategy Intelligence Server

API Client

API is a client license that allows users to integrate functionality provided by the Intelligence Server with custom or third-party applications. This includes the ability to connect to, push data to, pull data from, and view content from a MicroStrategy environment. It also allows custom or third-party applications to leverage in-memory, transaction, or distribution options. In order to access MicroStrategy data and/or functionality via a custom or third-party application, each client user must have either a Web or API client license.

Access to the Mobile SDK is not included with the API client license.

Web Client

Web is a browser-independent web interface providing query, reporting, and analysis functionality. Using this intuitive web solution, users can execute, access, analyze, and share reports and dashboards. Web also allows users to access MicroStrategy applications through a Microsoft Office interface. This product also includes Web SDK functionality, which allows organizations to customize their web interface. All Web licenses also include a complimentary license to the Desktop product.

Capabilities include:

  • Save or design dashboards, reports, and documents
  • Perform advanced operations such as: subtotaling, formatting, thresholding, drilling, filtering
  • Export to PDF, .mstr, Excel, HTML, etc.
  • Report debugging
  • View SQL
  • Create metadata objects
  • Access Web SDK functionality

Architect Client

Architect gives users the ability to build reports, documents, dashboards, and applications, as well as develop metrics, prompts, and filters, and other metadata objects. Users can interactively build reports, retrieve and display formatted results, and navigate through information to areas of interest. Users can also migrate objects across environments.

Capabilities include:

  • Access to Developer and Object Manager functionality to build modeled applications
  • Build a modeled metadata that delivers a single version of truth
  • Design Applications by building metadata objects
  • Build, design, and share documents and dashboards
  • Create metrics, filters, consolidations, custom groups, etc.
  • Report tuning and debugging, including View SQL and VLDB properties
  • Advanced formatting, thresholding, history list, data-marts etc
  • Object Migration
  • Change Management

Mobile Client

MicroStrategy Mobile allows users to view business data on the iPad, iPhone, and Android smartphones and tablets in multi-touch tables, graphs, charts, visualizations, maps, documents, and dynamic dashboards via a native mobile application.

Capabilities include:

  • View dashboards, reports, and documents in a native Android, iPhone, and iPad mobile app
  • Run a dashboard
  • Use annotation functionality
  • Filter
  • Export grids to Excel
  • Email screenshots
  • Print
  • Leverage subscription services
  • Mobile SDK functionality for iOS and Android

Usher Client

Usher provides analytics, identity discovery, mustering, and two-way communication features to conduct complex analytics and optimize productivity for Badge users.

Capabilities include:

  • Mobile application on Android phones and tablets, iPhone and iPad
  • Analyze telemetry data using out-of-the-box dashboards provided in the Usher Analytics App
  • Enable users to analyze activity and identify patterns through the Badge interactions

Usher Client

Badge is a mobile client application that is used to create, configure, distribute, and use digital identities for physical access, logical access, peer-to-peer validation, and data capture. With this product, a user can scan the QR code provided by the Identity Server and gain access to either applications or physical systems such as doors or gateways, which are controlled by PACS.

Capabilities include:

  • Mobile App on Android phones and tablets, iPhone and iPad
  • Host multiple badges in a single application
  • Authenticate users through Identity Server enabling them to log in to applications or access physical systems
  • Replace a physical identification with a digital identity


MicroStrategy delivers a broad set of business intelligence services that can be deployed on-premises with MicroStrategy Server. This service-oriented architecture dynamically assembles metadata objects and provides the core analytical processing power for any business intelligence project.

Reporter Server

Allows the Reporter client to consume large amounts of data by executing and viewing dashboards, reports, charts, and documents.

Intelligence Server

Provides the core analytical processing power and job management features for reporting, analysis, and monitoring applications.

Analytics Server

An extension to the Intelligence Server that adds in-memory to the standard ROLAP functionality of the MicroStrategy platform. The Analytics Server creates and manages Intelligent Cubes, a multi-dimensional cache structure that speeds up access to frequently used data.

Transaction Services

Allows organizations to leverage write-back functionality in documents, dashboards, and mobile apps in order to approve requests, submit orders, change plans, and capture information including comments and images from a mobile device.

Distribution Services

Enables a robust, scalable, and efficient rollout of automated reporting to corporate users, external partners, and customers, and can distribute millions of reports within a specified time frame.

Telemetry Services

Generates real-time data on enterprise access and authentication by automatically capturing and analyzing data from identity clients and servers.

Collaboration Services

Gives users the ability to exchange messages, using the Identity server as an intermediary. Collaboration can be carried out from any Identity client interface, i.e., Badge or Usher.

Identity Services

Enables administrators to create, configure, distribute, and manage digital identities (badges) for users.

Intelligence Server

The Intelligence Server provides customers with the ability to configure, deploy, and manage enterprise applications. It is the foundation of the platform and enables users to execute highly optimized queries, resulting in high throughput and fast response times. The Intelligence Server is built with the scalability and fault tolerance required for analysis of multi-terabyte databases and can be deployed to thousands of users. It contains specific optimizations for all major relational databases and multidimensional databases. This product includes capabilities to administer, manage, and monitor applications, jobs, and users. Administrators also have the ability to set up security, configure connections to data-sources, and build automation and testing scripts and workflows.

Capabilities include:

  • Management, configuration, and tuning of the MicroStrategy platform
  • Job and subscription monitoring
  • Cluster management
  • History List management
  • Create schedules, events, contacts
  • Authentication and authorization
  • Internationalization
  • Gateway setup
  • Database instances
  • Monitor system health and usage through Enterprise Manager or Health Center
  • Automate routine maintenance by setting up workflow and testing scripts with Command Manager and System Manager

Analytics Server

The Analytics Server lets users leverage in-memory data stored in Intelligent Cubes to achieve high performance. Users can add or remove report objects, add derived metrics, and modify filters — all with “speed-of-thought” response time against Intelligent Cubes. Additionally, this product provides users with the capability to import data from different sources and store it in-memory, as well as leverage external statistical functions in their analysis.

Capabilities include:

  • Create and publish Intelligent Cubes
  • Manage Caches and Cubes
  • Execute reports based on Intelligent Cubes
  • Design dashboards and reports sourced from Intelligent Cubes
  • Data import capabilities
  • Derived metrics and elements
  • View filtering
  • Hierarchy reporting
  • R integration

Transaction Services

Transaction Services provides write-back capabilities from grids and dashboards. It is supported for both mobile and web applications. Transaction Services enables write back to ERP and other operational systems via web services using xQuery and to databases via freeform SQL.

Capabilities include:

  • Enable dashboards, reports, and documents with write-back capabilities
  • Create transaction-enabled reports
  • Easily configure and submit transactions

Distribution Services

Distribution Services automates the delivery of personalized reports and alerts, interactive Flash dashboards, and static reports via email, folders, or printers. From small departments to enterprise-wide BI deployments, Distribution Services can deliver business reporting to tens or thousands of people. This product places control over information distribution into the hands of business users, who can subscribe themselves or others to receive reports or dashboards on a schedule, event, or alert basis. Notably, business users can set up their own “personal alert” conditions that, when met, will trigger report or dashboard distributions. Please note that Narrowcast Server is included with the Distribution Services license.

Capabilities include:

  • Send dashboards, reports, and documents via email
  • Receive emails from MicroStrategy Intelligence Server
  • Deliver to an FTP or file location
  • Create and manage dynamic subscription lists
  • Support for user security filters
  • Create alert-based deliveries
  • Deliver to different formats: HTML, Excel, PDF, CSV, and .mstr file

Collaboration Services

Collaboration lets users exchange messages using the Identity Server as the intermediary. Collaboration can be carried out from any Identity client interface. All users sending or receiving messages via the Collaboration product must exist in the Identity repository.

Capabilities include:

  • Send messages from one user to another
  • Send messages from any badge

Identity Services

Enables administrators to create, configure, distribute, and manage digital identity badges for users. MicroStrategy provides a convenient and secure alternative to existing authentication solutions, replacing physical badges, passwords, and security tokens with digital badges delivered via smartphones. These allow users to gain access to logical and physical assets with greater convenience while generating clean, automatically ETL-ed telemetry data. Furthermore, the platform provides support for the encryption of data at rest and in transit, encryption key management, and transaction logging tied to an individual user’s identity.

Capabilities include:

  • Create networks using network manager
  • Deploy gateways for Logical and Physical access
  • Verify identity

Drivers, Gateways, and Applications

With out-of-the-box gateways and drivers, MicroStrategy makes it easy to connect to any enterprise resource, including relational databases, MDX cubes, big data sources, enterprise mobility management (EMM) systems, physical access control systems (PACS), and more. Pre-packaged applications with custom dashboards, reports, and supporting metadata objects make it easy for organizations to take advantage of enterprise access and authentication data.

Relational Databases

The MicroStrategy platform leverages native ODBC drivers to provide optimized connectivity to over forty RDBMS systems. Support for relational databases is included with the Intelligence Server license.


With the OLAP license, MicroStrategy can easily connect to Multidimensional Expressions (MDX) cube sources such as SAP BW, IBM Cognos TM1, Oracle Essbase, or Microsoft Analysis Services. The MicroStrategy Server converts data stored in an MDX cube source into MicroStrategy objects using the MDX language.

Big Data

MicroStrategy supports all major Hadoop distributions, including Cloudera, Hortonworks, MapR, and Amazon EMR. Once connected, data stored in Hadoop is treated just like any other source, allowing organizations to easily build big data applications.


Many organizations rely on EMM systems to govern various aspects of workforce mobility, including devices, applications, and services. MicroStrategy offers native SDK integration with three major EMM providers: MobileIron, Good, and AirWatch. MicroStrategy Mobile further supports EMM capabilities by incorporating guidelines set by the AppConfig Community.


Preconfigured gateways with market-leading Physical Access Control Systems give organizations the ability to digitize their physical infrastructure with mobile credentialing and access management.


Gives organizations the ability to add multi-factor authentication to their enterprise applications (web and mobile), VPNs, and workstations.

Usher Analytics

An out-of-the-box MicroStrategy project that compliments any Badge implementation. Usher Analytics delivers pre-built cubes, hierarchies, attributes, metrics, reports, and dashboards that are relevant to understanding enterprise resource utilization.


EMM products are individually licensed gateways that allow users to integrate mobile applications with third-party EMM solutions. Applicable only with the Mobile client.

EMM gateways include:

  • Airwatch by VMWare
  • AppConfig
  • Mobile Iron
  • Good by Blackberry

Physical Access Control Gateways

The PACS gateway products provide users with the ability to control physical access to doors and other physical gateways.

PACS Gateways include:

  • AMAG
  • Brivo
  • Lenel
  • Paxton
  • S2 Security
  • Tyco

Usher Analytics

Usher Analytics is a custom-built application with pre-designed metrics and attributes. Its dashboards are optimized for viewing and analyzing user and identity telemetry data captured across the enterprise.

Capabilities include:

  • Support for out-of-the-box dashboards, metrics, and attributes
  • Ability to add new objects to the application
  • Ability to customize dashboards
  • Ability to integrate external data into the application

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