MicroStrategy Products

MicroStrategy products provide access to our capabilities via Clients, Servers, Drivers, Gateways, and Applications.


MicroStrategy provides a fast and intuitive analytics experience across web, desktop, and mobile interfaces. Business analysts, IT developers, and administrators can seamlessly create logical data models with Architect and deliver custom applications using a powerful set of APIs..


A consumer license that allows end users to view, execute, and interact with dashboards, reports, and documents via MicroStrategy Web. The reporter license offers everything the end user needs for data exploration and consumption via pixel-perfect reports, documents, and dashboards (in order to create, design, and save new content, users need a Web license).


Allows organizations to access and blend data from multiple sources and create a rich analytical model. This allows organizations to build a governed, scalable, secure, and highly-performant environment that can be used to build custom applications. With the API and all the associated documentation available with the MicroStrategy SDK, every organization can build branded Web and Mobile applications.


A powerful zero-footprint interface that allows users across the organization to access analytics on multiple browsers, as well as design, interact with, and consume information via pixel-perfect reports, documents, or dashboards. This interface supports various styles of business intelligence including data discovery, banded reports, statements, and invoices.


A free and easy-to-use tool for self-service data discovery that allows business users to connect to multiple data sources, create dashboards, and make more informed decisions. It allows teams to start small and scale up as needed with governance, making it truly enterprise-grade.


A Windows-based BI development tool that maps the physical structure of one or more data sources to a single, logical, object-oriented model of the business. MicroStrategy Architect provides an intuitive graphical interface and wizards to help users define business rules for easily creating and maintaining business intelligence applications within a unified BI environment. BI architects can quickly set up database-specific business requirements in MicroStrategy.


Extend information onto mobile devices in two distinct ways. Our Mobile solution is designed to be fully integrated into the MicroStrategy Analytics platform, so it's easy to leverage existing visualizations, reports, and dashboards to instantly deploy mobile BI. But MicroStrategy doesn’t just deliver reports to a mobile web browser; it delivers a native, secure, mobile-optimized experience that takes advantage of the unique capabilities of mobile devices.


Provides analytics, identity discovery, mustering, and two-way communication features to conduct complex analytics and optimize productivity for Badge users. Many organizations struggle to understand how their field employees’ time is used on a day-to-day basis. With Usher, managers can view real-time maps of user activity and quickly communicate with dispersed teams at the touch of a button.


Replaces physical badges, key fobs, passwords, and other identifiers with digital credentials delivered via a mobile app. Each badge is branded by the issuing organization and personalized with a user’s name, title, and photo. Badges are dynamically and securely linked to an individual’s privileges and access rights. MicroStrategy’s system of digital identity badges is more convenient and an order of magnitude more secure than existing enterprise authentication solutions.


MicroStrategy delivers a broad set of business intelligence services that can be deployed on-premises with MicroStrategy Server. This service-oriented architecture dynamically assembles metadata objects and provides the core analytical processing power for any business intelligence project.

Reporter Server

This server is required for a Reporter client user. It includes all the capabilities of the Intelligence Server and the Analytics Server, and powers the end user actions on the Reporter client. The server allows the Reporter client to consume large amounts of data through data discovery and the ability to execute dashboards, reports, charts, and documents.

Intelligence Server

The architectural foundation of the analytics platform. It provides the core analytical processing and job management for reporting, analysis, and monitoring applications with a powerful set of features necessary for a scalable, fault-tolerant, enterprise-wide business intelligence system.

Analytics Server

An extension to the Intelligence Server that adds in-memory data functionality to the standard ROLAP functionality of the MicroStrategy BI platform. Analytics Server creates and manages Intelligent Cubes (a multi-dimensional cache structure that speeds up access to frequently used data).

Transaction Services

Leverages write-back functionality in documents, dashboards, and mobile apps for the purposes of decision making or to initiate a transaction. Users can dynamically approve requests, submit orders, change plans, and capture information like comments, new data points, and images directly from their mobile devices. This highly scalable solution can store thousands of user transactions, and trigger new business processes, reallocate enterprise resources, and accelerate business activity.

Distribution Services

Supports all report scheduling and delivery applications enabling high-value, low-cost report distribution. Its range of features enables a robust, scalable, and efficient rollout of automated reporting to corporate users, external partners, and customers, and can distribute millions of reports within a specified time frame. Rather than running different reports for each recipient, the individual report requests are automatically consolidated into a single report request that is then sent to the data warehouse.

Telemetry Services

Provides users the ability to automatically capture and analyze data from identity clients and servers. It enables organizations to get real-time data on enterprise access and authentication. Data is generated every time a user accesses an enterprise resource with their Badge. This telemetry data is a rich and underutilized source of information that is the key to unlocking a smarter, more productive workforce.

Collaboration Services

Provides users the ability to exchange messages, using the Identity server as an intermediary. Collaboration can be carried out from any Identity client interface, i.e., Badge or Usher. All users sending or receiving messages via the Collaboration product must exist in the Identity repository.

Identity Services

Enables administrators to create, configure, distribute, and manage digital identity badges for users. MicroStrategy’s system of digital identity is a convenient and secure alternative to existing authentication solutions, replacing physical badges, passwords, and security tokens with digital badges delivered via smartphones. These digital badges allow users to gain access to logical and physical assets with greater convenience while generating clean, automatically ETL-ed telemetry data. Furthermore, the platform provides support for the encryption of data at rest and in transit, encryption key management, and transaction logging tied to an individual user’s identity.

Drivers, Gateways, and Applications

With out-of-the-box gateways and drivers, MicroStrategy makes it easy to seamlessly connect to any enterprise resource, including relational databases, MDX cubes, Big Data sources, enterprise mobility management (EMM) systems, physical access control systems (PACS), and more. Pre-packaged applications with custom dashboards, reports, and supporting metadata objects make it easy for organizations to take advantage of enterprise access and authentication data.

Relational Databases

Execute business queries and fetch data from relational databases – included with Intelligence Server license. The MicroStrategy platform leverages native ODBC drivers to provide optimized connectivity to over forty RDBMS systems.


With the OLAP license, MicroStrategy can easily connect to Multi-dimensional Expressions (MDX) cube sources such as SAP BW, IBM Cognos TM1, Oracle Essbase, or Microsoft Analysis Services. The MicroStrategy Server converts data stored in an MDX cube source into MicroStrategy objects using the MDX language. Users can leverage the rich set of MicroStrategy reporting and analytical functionality on these cubes as they would on any other dataset.

Big Data

Allows users to build applications that leverage big data and Hadoop distributions. All of the major Hadoop distributions are certified to work with MicroStrategy and once connected, Hadoop data is treated just like any other data source. MicroStrategy has certified drivers for Cloudera, Hortonworks, MapR, Amazon EMR, and more.


Many enterprises use EMM to govern various aspects of workforce mobility, including devices, applications, and services—such as updates, access settings, device restrictions, password protocols, and more. MicroStrategy offers native SDK integration with three major EMM providers: MobileIron, Good, and AirWatch. MicroStrategy Mobile further supports EMM capabilities by incorporating guidelines set by the AppConfig Community.


Provides users the ability to enable physical access to doors and other physical gateways through a web adapter that communicates to physical access control system servers. MicroStrategy has developed pre-configured gateways with select, market-leading Physical Access Control Systems (PACS) vendors using Usher APIs and partner APIs. The combination of MicroStrategy Usher and our PACS partners offers organizations the ability to digitize their physical infrastructure with mobile ID credentialing and access management.


Provides users the ability to access a set of logical gateways to add multi-factor authentication to enterprise applications, including gateways that provide access to SAML applications, custom applications, Web applications, Mobile applications, VPNs, and workstations.

Usher Analytics

A MicroStrategy project included out-of-the-box with a Badge implementation. It comes with pre-built cubes, hierarchies, attributes, metrics, reports, and dashboards that are relevant to understanding enterprise resource utilization. As users in an Usher network access resources using their Badge, Usher Analytics tracks data about their activity. This data can be analyzed to see how systems and facilities are being used across the enterprise.

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