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Enterprise Mobility Management

Deploy and administer enterprise mobile apps.

Enterprise mobility management (EMM) has been adopted extensively by organizations to manage their mobile devices, configurations, security, apps, and content. MicroStrategy helps organizations get the most out of these systems, and deploy powerful workforce productivity applications in a secure, scalable manner.

Screenshot showing apps being secured via microstrategy EMM.

MicroStrategy EMM vendors.

MicroStrategy offers native SDK integration with three major EMM providers: MobileIron, Good, and AirWatch. MicroStrategy Mobile further supports EMM capabilities by incorporating guidelines set by the AppConfig Community. With this native integration, EMM vendors can govern various aspects of workforce mobility, including devices, applications, and services—such as updates, access settings, device restrictions, password protocols, and more.

Native SDK integration

Good by Blackberry

  • Data leakage prevention
  • Remote app management
  • Centralized administration
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Native SDK integration

Airwatch by VMware

  • Data loss prevention
  • Data encryption
  • App tunneling
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Native SDK integration


  • Data leakage prevention
  • Data encryption
  • Provisioning/authentication
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Incorporated guidelines

AppConfig Community

  • App configuration
  • Security policies/access control
  • App tunneling
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MicroStrategy Mobile native integration with Blackberry Dynamics allows enterprises to secure mobile app policies in iOS devices.

MicroStrategy Mobile integration with Blackberry dynamics provides users with secure, synchronized connection to the company email account so they can send and receive email, view attachments, manage calendar and store documents. Users can also launch all other permitted Blackberry dynamics apps that are installed an activated on the device.

MicroStrategy latest supported version

MicroStrategy Mobile iOS BlackBerry 10.7

Watch the demo

MicroStrategy Mobile native integration with Blackberry Dynamics in iOS devices


MicroStrategy offers native integration with the AirWatch platform to add an extra layer of security to MicroStrategy Mobile applications running on iOS and Android devices.

With AirWatch’s mobile application management (MAM) capabilities, administrators can distribute, secure, and track mobile applications directly from the AirWatch Admin console, which can be integrated into your mobile environment.

Latest Supported Version

iOS: MicroStrategy Mobile iOS AirWatch 10.7

Android: MicroStrategy Mobile Android AirWatch 10.5

Watch the demo

MicroStrategy Mobile SDK native integration with Airwatch in iOS and Android devices


MicroStrategy partnership with MobileIron adds an extra layer of security to MicroStrategy Mobile applications running on iOS devices.

By implementing the security policies and configurations provided by MobileIron, administrators can apply enhanced protections to mobile devices in use across the enterprise. These settings help organizations add additional security around apps that handle sensitive data.

Latest Supported Version

MicroStrategy Mobile iOS Mobile Iron 10.5

Watch the demo

MicroStrategy Mobile SDK native integration with Mobile Iron in iOS devices


Secure MicroStrategy Mobile application by AppConfig – Compliant EMM providers.

MicroStrategy Mobile for iOS and Android devices supports EMM capabilities by incorporating guidelines set by the AppConfig Community. Following the AppConfig standard allows MicroStrategy Mobile apps to make use of the features provided by iOS, like sending configurations from console to the app via NSUserDefault, perapp VPN, certificate-based authentication, and much more, to control the behavior of the app.

Latest Supported Version

iOS: MicroStrategy Mobile 10.4

Android: MicroStrategy Mobile 10.7

Watch the demo

MicroStrategy Mobile support of EMM capabilities by incorporating guidelines set by the AppConfig Community

Deliver enterprise-class security.

Native integration with MicroStrategy allows organizations to fully leverage all the security features of an EMM platform including:


Adds an additional layer of mobile device management (MDM-specific) authentication. This is in addition to the authentication required by the MicroStrategy Mobile application.

Data leakage

Determines whether data can be transmitted, shared, or copied outside of the application ecosystem.

Data Encryption

Ensures that all data stored locally on the device is automatically encrypted.

Application Ecosystem

Allows data to be securely transmitted to other applications in the MDM ecosystem.

App Tunneling

Automatically encrypts network communications using a secure channel.

Powerful infrastructure management tools.

Manage your MicroStrategy Mobile infrastructure to ensure optimal security, compliance, and performance.


By integrating with EMM vendors, MicroStrategy greatly simplifies the process of managing mobile devices. MicroStrategy Mobile can be used in conjunction with EMM vendors to create a centrally-controlled list of authorized devices, applications, data, and capabilities. Organizations can also use the ability to communicate through a VPN and remotely wipe devices to further protect sensitive data.

Workforce productivity

Pairing MicroStrategy Mobile with an EMM offering accelerates productivity and makes mobile device management far less time consuming. By delivering sophisticated EMM capabilities that include self-service app stores, remote provisioning, policy-driven configuration, and remote wiping, organizations can maximize workforce productivity and get the most out of their investment in enterprise mobility.

Reduce Costs

Organizations can reduce their overall spend on enterprise mobility by better managing the app life-cycle and centrally controlling a wide range of enterprise devices.

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