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Embedded Analytics

Deliver custom applications with embedded analytics.

Extend analytics into your branded applications to build new products or services and generate a new revenue stream. You know your business. Let MicroStrategy provide the analytics needed to gain valuable insight and make better business decisions.

MicroStrategy Dashboard embedded into in a Salesforce application
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Customer success story

Data Analytics with Omega World Travel

See how Omega used the MicroStrategy platform to build its cutting-edge analytics solution called Omegalytics.

Add analytics to your organization's applications.

MicroStrategy embedded analytics empower organizations with highly customized, functional, and powerful web and mobile reporting applications that match your brand. Easily modify and extend MicroStrategy functionality to suit your business needs.

With MicroStrategy, it's easy for OEMs or any other brand-conscious business to embed sophisticated analytical functionality in their applications, tightly integrated with existing security models.

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Two distinct modes to embed analytics into your applications.

Code-free integration

Embed MicroStrategy quickly and easily into external business applications with code-free workflows. Simple out-of-the-box APIs and iframe embed codes allow you to embed hundreds of visualizations, customized end-to-end workflows, and sophisticated analytics that match your brand.

Advanced SDK

Create white-label web and mobile applications that plug directly into your existing security model to deliver personalized analytics to everyone. Leverage a highly reusable, object-oriented, and multi-tenant architecture with sophisticated design tools to meet all your IT development and scalability needs.

Deliver top-notch custom applications with embedded analytics.

MicroStrategy Platform


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SDK Mobile

SDK Office

SDK Visualization

MicroStrategy SDK


Rest API
Tableau Qlikview SAP IBM Websites and more

Third-party applications


Build tailor-made applications faster with REST APIs.

With MicroStrategy’s RESTful APIs, organizations can use MicroStrategy as a data source to quickly extract subsets of pre-processed data in JSON format. This addresses the needs of large enterprises and OEM partners that consume data through MicroStrategy's governed and secured architecture via customized business applications.

3rd party data

In-Memory Cube


Push API

Embed 3rd party data as datasets.

MicroStrategy makes it possible for organizations to push external data in JSON format into in-memory cubes that are on the MicroStrategy Intelligence Server to readily consume, process, and analyze the corresponding data. The Push API enables third-party vendors to generate MicroStrategy datasets, thus, unlocking new end-user workflows and opportunities for partner integrations.

Screenshot of the create custom data connector SDK
Data Connector SDK

Create custom data connectors.

MicroStrategy enables customers and partners build their own connectors to custom data assets with the Data Connector SDK. Organizations can leverage HTML and JavaScript to build custom connectors for the MicroStrategy Data Import interface and build their own customized integrations for these data sources within MicroStrategy, thus, providing users access to any data source without waiting for them to be certified by the platform.

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MicroStrategy SDK for branded web applications.

MicroStrategy offers extensible Web SDK capabilities that provide the flexibility necessary to customize analytics to fit your brand. You can now directly embed enterprise-grade analytics into portals or white-label web and mobile applications, and even inject dashboards and reports into third-party business applications—all of which help extend the reach of your analytics implementation.

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Embed in Portals

Directly embed the full suite of MicroStrategy functionality into any web application or portal. MicroStrategy delivers several out-of-the-box portlets that require no additional coding and allow organizations to seamlessly embed the full range of analytics functionality within IBM WebSphere, Oracle WebLogic, Microsoft SharePoint, SAP Netweaver, and more.

Create White-label Applications

MicroStrategy delivers code-free tools that let organizations create dashboard applications that match any corporate brand. Users can customize the look and feel of applications by replacing the MicroStrategy logo and URLs, and maintain complete control over the end user experience.

Enrich business applications with analytics

Enhance your existing business applications with the powerful capabilities of the MicroStrategy analytics platform. MicroStrategy dashboards can seamlessly blend into other third-party applications, helping organizations maximize the value of their investments. With single sign-on capabilities, users enjoy a consistent experience without needing to access multiple tools or interfaces.

Visualization SDK

Custom charts and graphs.

MicroStrategy easily integrates with third-party and open source javascript visualizations, so you can tell even more compelling stories with your data. MicroStrategy provides APIs, tools, samples, and documentation to help users build custom HTML5 visualizations using open source and commercial libraries like D3 and Google charts.

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Watch the video Daily IQ app powered by CommBiz video
Customer app video

Daily IQ app powered by CommBiz

The Commonwealth Bank of Australia uses the MicroStrategy platform for their Daily IQ app.

Mobile SDK

Customized mobile applications.

The MicroStrategy SDK also allows organizations to produce new offerings and services by providing customers with custom-branded mobile apps. These apps empower B2B and B2C organizations to deliver analytical functionality and value-added services to partners and clients. By incorporating custom app icons, splash screens, and login menus, every workflow within these apps can be designed to match your corporate branding . These apps can be further enriched by using the SDK to embed custom Objective-C or SWIFT.

Create custom app using MicroStrategy SDK.

Customize icon, splash screen, login, configuration and more.

Publish to public or internal app stores.

Create custom app using MicroStrategy SDK.

Customize icon, splash screen, login, configuration and more.

Publish to public or internal app stores.

Office SDK

Customized Microsoft Office applications.

MicroStrategy Office API is designed to easily integrate MicroStrategy reports and documents into custom Microsoft Office applications. It accomplishes this by using VBA or any other application development environment that supports either COM or .NET programming.

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