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BI Dashboards

Deliver answers at a glance.


Need an up-to-date view of your business? Get it all in one place with an intuitive, information-rich dashboard that delivers answers at a glance. With MicroStrategy, combine multiple visualizations and grids using easy–to–use templates and create custom layouts to suit any user. Build business and operational dashboards that drive a better understanding of your organization.

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Create powerful, self-service dashboards in minutes.
Customize to suit your unique business needs.
Deploy dashboards via web, desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

Pixel-perfect design

Building stunning self-service dashboards has never been easier. MicroStrategy lets you quickly change formatting and dashboard parameters to tailor the layout and contents of your dashboards to match your unique business needs. Easily turn visualizations into production-ready dashboards without the need to start from a blank canvas, and customize content using pixel-perfect formatting to produce professional looking documents, from customer invoices and account statements to business reports and corporate forms.

A dashboard for every user

Create powerful, personalized dashboards for every employee and deploy them via web, desktop, tablet, or smartphone. By inheriting all MicroStrategy platform security features, every report or dashboard designed with MicroStrategy is personalized according to each user’s security profile and preferences, so you can easily reuse the same dashboard for multiple users across the organization.

Responsive design

MicroStrategy makes it easy to build powerful, personalized apps for every employee in your organization and deploy them via web, desktop, tablet, or smartphone. Maintain uniformity and consistency across all interfaces without requiring any redesign, and easily integrate reporting, analysis, and monitoring capabilities into existing documents, presentations, and workbooks in Microsoft Office.

Specialized dashboards that keep your organization on track.

Scorecard Dashboards


Measure and monitor operational performance with scorecards that present KPIs in a way that’s easy to understand at a glance. Scorecards and dashboards can be designed to be visually intuitive and can include interactive displays to make it easy to consume large amounts of data. With MicroStrategy, design any number of scorecards that cover everything from revenue performance management to customer support analysis, product inventory analysis, and much more.

Dashboard Transactions


Get more done from anywhere with powerful write back capabilities that let users update systems of record from the field. Change data on the fly, insert new information, and view updated reports and dashboards. Approve requests, submit orders, change plans, and capture information at the moment of insight, taking decision power to a new level. MicroStrategy Transaction Services provides users the flexibility of designing their own free-form transaction reports and handpicking the data to perform each transaction on.

Real-Time Dashboards

Insights every minute, in real-time.

Having up–to–date information can make all the difference between a timely decision and a missed opportunity. MicroStrategy lets you build dashboards that can source live data to provide real-time monitoring of the most current information. With scheduled updates that have controllable intervals, users can be guaranteed they have access to the latest data. Users are also able to build dashboards in an intuitive design interface where the final version of the dashboard is shown immediately, providing real-time design feedback.

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