Capabilities that empower people and elevate organizations.

From enterprise reporting and data discovery to mobile productivity and real-time telemetry, only MicroStrategy gives organizations the full breadth of capabilities they need to transform their data into real-world intelligence.

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Maximize the value of every investment across the enterprise.

Tap into the industry's latest data sources and systems with ease. With dozens of out-of-the-box gateways and drivers, MicroStrategy makes it easy to start getting answers from the world's most challenging data sets.

Data Connectivity

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Enterprise Reporting

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Bring your data to life.

Eliminate roadblocks and put key metrics in the hands of thousands of users—fast. Create sophisticated, personalized reports, and distill critical top-level views of your organization into compelling interactive dossiers.

Dossier and Dashboards

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Data Discovery

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Empower individuals with self-service analytics.

Boost productivity across your organization by extending data access to more business teams. Give business users the freedom to explore data on their own without sacrificing data governance, scalability, or security.

Share insights across the organization.

Automate the delivery of personalized reports, dossiers, and dashboards for every user. Ensure that decision-makers always have access to information when and where they need it.


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Advanced Analytics

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Go further with advanced analytics and big data.

Get insights with sophisticated advanced analytics that help give meaning to complex data. Tap into hundreds of out-of-the-box functions, integrate with third-party statistical packages, and easily connect to and make sense of a variety of big data sources.

Big Data

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Put analytics in the hands of every employee, wherever they are.

Free employees from the back office with industry-leading mobile productivity apps. Mobilize systems and critical business processes to ensure that everyone has instant access to the information they need to make more informed decisions.

Customize analytics to meet your unique needs.

Get the most out of existing corporate systems and third-party applications by enriching them with powerful web analytics and compelling data visualizations. Use the MicroStrategy SDK to build custom web reporting applications that can meet any business need.

Embedded BI

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Digital Credentials

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Deploy next-generation identity intelligence.

Get insight into complex business processes and strengthen organizational security with real-time telemetry and digital credentials for every physical and logical enterprise system. Replace plastic ID cards with mobile identity badges that employees can use to open doors, unlock computers, and access systems.

Real-Time Telemetry

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