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A platform for the Intelligent Enterprise.

MicroStrategy 2019 introduces more ways to turn insight into impact. Blend and analyze all your data and leverage third-party systems and existing investments. Deploy powerful applications at scale and deliver a single version of truth across your organization. Set the foundation for a new generation of enterprise intelligence.

Analyze. Build. Empower.

Connect to, blend, and analyze nearly any data. Deliver insights to anyone, anywhere. MicroStrategy Workstation is a powerful authoring tool that lets you build amazing dossiers and HyperCards. Author, publish, and curate content that empowers users across your enterprise.

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Lay the foundation for revolutionary applications.

MicroStrategy 2019 lets you establish an Enterprise Semantic Graph, an index of all your data assets enriched in real time with location intelligence and usage telemetry. This powerful semantic foundation enables a new class of AI applications that deliver relevant content and insights based on who you are, where you are, and what you’re doing.

Integrate and embed everywhere.

The open MicroStrategy platform offers a comprehensive API layer that makes it easy to leverage third-party systems, tools, and modern technologies. Tap into everything from visualization galleries like D3, to Amazon Alexa, chatbots, or R Advanced Analytics—and deliver apps for any business need.

Example of MicroStrategy Analytics embedded BI in a third-party dashboard application for financial stocks

Collaboration Analytics with SPS Commerce

SPS Commerce Collaboration Analytics streamlines the planning process between retailers and suppliers by providing a singular view of sales and inventory data. With the application, retailers can easily view sales and inventory information across their suppliers and suppliers can be more proactive about working with retailers to prevent inventory overages or stock outs.

Photo of a user with the Vibes performance management dashboard, showing map, heatmap, and bar graph visualizations.

Performance Management Solution with Vibes

See how Mobile Engagement Provider Vibes embeds MicroStrategy to help companies increase return on marketing.

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Omega World Travel Omegalytics dashboard on a touchsceen laptop, showing a user filtering data

Data Analytics with Omega World Travel

See how Omega used the MicroStrategy platform to build its cutting-edge analytics solution called Omegalytics.

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Allscripts customer success story PDF thumbnail

Powerful Solutions for Healthcare by Allscripts

Read how Allscripts uses MicroStrategy as an OEM customer to enable smarter care for their clients/patients.

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Use pre-configured provisioning consoles for Azure and AWS to launch MicroStrategy quickly and with minimal effort. With flexible options to deploy via commercial or private cloud, on-premises, or through hybrid deployments, you can choose the option that fits your business.

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Stay in control.​

Powerful platform analytics deliver the visibility you need to monitor, manage, and optimize your enterprise-wide intelligence deployment. Access key system usage data in intuitive dossiers, process real-time telemetry data, and do more with less.

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