What's New in MicroStrategy

With the latest releases, users can build and consume analytic content even faster by tapping into enhanced mapping capabilities, new out-of-the-box visualizations, and enhanced functionality for MicroStrategy Desktop and MicroStrategy Workstation. Organizations now have more ways to deliver insights to any device, and can accelerate their journey to the Intelligent Enterprise.

Introducing MicroStrategy Geospatial Services™, Powered by Mapbox

MicroStrategy 10.11 introduces new geospatial capabilities through an integration with Mapbox. These new capabilities come in addition to out-of-the-box support for ESRI maps and are available as an add-on service. This functionality brings advanced geospatial functionality to the MicroStrategy platform, introducing vector maps that provide additional interactivity and greater overall flexibility through dynamic layers, enhanced clustering, and more.

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Native MicroStrategy Library App for Smartphones

10.11 lets users consume dossiers via the new MicroStrategy Library app, which further leverages the platform's responsive design capabilities that render dossiers beautifully on any device or form factor. This app is optimized for iOS and Android smartphones, and is available for download in the Apple and Google Play app stores.

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Face ID Integration on iPhone X

With MicroStrategy 10.11, iPhone X users can use Face ID as an authentication method via a native integration with MicroStrategy Mobile and MicroStrategy Library apps. This integration can take place at either the app or document level and provides on-the-go business users with a quick, convenient way to access their MicroStrategy apps and analytics.

New Out-of-the-box Visualizations

MicroStrategy 10.11 delivers out-of-the-box support for three new visualizations: waterfall, histogram, and box plot. These expand visual analytics capabilities for new use cases and let users display data in more engaging, illuminating ways.

Intelligent Recommendations for Dossiers

With MicroStrategy 10.11 users can take advantage of our new dossier recommendation engine. Much like other popular recommendation engines, this feature identifies other dossiers within an environment that might be of interest based on similarities to the selected content. This feature is available in MicroStrategy Library, MicroStrategy Desktop, and MicroStrategy Workstation—promoting engagement and exploration, and making it easy for users to discover related content.

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Support for Prompts on Web and Mobile Dossiers in Library

MicroStrategy 10.11 delivers support for prompts on dossiers viewed in the MicroStrategy Library. By leveraging prompted dossiers, users are able to proactively limit the data displayed on a dossier prior to execution—providing personalized information for users and improved performance on both web and mobile.

What's New in 10.10

The new tools and features of MicroStrategy 10.11 build on the monumental 10.10 release, which introduced the enhancements below.

MicroStrategy Desktop 10.10

The newest generation of our free data discovery tool delivers a completely redesigned interface and significantly enhances the previous version of Desktop. With its ability to author, promote, and certify dossiers, it is now possible for teams to unleash agility while maintaining IT governance. It’s never been easier to deploy governed data discovery throughout the enterprise.

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MicroStrategy Workstation 10.10

MicroStrategy Workstation is a brand-new addition to the MicroStrategy product line. Available for Mac and PC, this powerful tool gives administrators and content developers the ability to quickly and easily build and maintain scalable enterprise content, create users and groups, assign security roles, schedule and publish data mashups for business teams, and much more.

Certify Dossiers and Documents

In MicroStrategy 10.10, analysts and data stewards have the ability to watermark content with a “certified” stamp. This helps to maintain tighter data governance across a self-service environment and makes it easy for business users to tell when content is tied to trusted data sources.

Modern User Management

Workstation brings administration to the PC and Mac. It simplifies the process of creating and managing users and groups, assigning security roles, managing access privileges, creating data models, and more.

New Data Connectors

With MicroStrategy 10.10, new data connectors are available in the Connector Gallery, offering access to more sources including: data.world, Neo4j, TapClicks, Microsoft Azure Cosmos DC, and SurveyMonkey. Our customers have the ability to leverage all these connectors today and more, to easily build analytics and mobility applications.

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Enhancements for Usher

In 10.10, Usher Professional brings even more capabilities as an enterprise directory and communications tool. Existing directory and gateway attributes can be mapped in Usher’s Network Manager, making it extremely easy to search and filter directory groups and distribution lists.

Release Notes


  • Real-time Telemetry with Platform Analytics
  • Natural Language Queries
  • APIs for DossierTM and MicroStrategy Library
  • Introducing mstrio for integration with Python and R
  • Smart recommendations for Report Services Documents


  • Geospatial Services
  • Native MicroStrategy Library app
  • Face ID integration for dossiers on iPhone X
  • New out-of-the-box visualizations
  • Intelligent recommendations for dossiers
  • Support for prompts on mobile and web dossiers


  • MicroStrategy Desktop
  • MicroStrategy Workstation
  • Conditional metrics for dossier authors
  • Audit license utilization
  • Enhancements for Usher


  • All-new dossiers
  • Increased collaboration
  • Enhanced filtering
  • Completely responsive designs
  • New and improved data connectors


  • R and R Integration Pack, now available out of the box
  • Public library of data connectors
  • MicroStrategy on AWS
  • Embed images during Android app compilation
  • Usher Inbox


  • New Data Connector SDK
  • Integration with leading NLG tools
  • Improved Native Hadoop Gateway
  • Enhanced EMM Support for Android
  • Support for SHP files for custom shapes for maps on your iOS devices


  • Revamped PDF export engine with support for maps, custom visualizations and more
  • Unified map visualization with multiple layers
  • Subscription-based delivery of MicroStrategy files for offline data discovery
  • Secure Android apps with native Airwatch integration
  • SMS Badge Distribution with Usher Network Manager


  • New certifications and added support for more Enterprise Assets including OData
  • Native support for RESTful APIs to access data in JSON format
  • Improved custom visualization support on Mobile
  • Improved combination charts for Mobile
  • 2-way communication between Usher Security Administrator and a badge holder


  • New Work Fencing capabilities
  • Doubled server cluster capacity, up to eight nodes
  • Tell better stories with dynamic linking to external content
  • Increased connectivity to more big data drivers
  • Mobile user experience improvements for both Android and iOS.


  • New custom visualization properties pane
  • Drill to all levels of detail on a document while in Presentation Mode
  • Overhaul of the MicroStrategy platform installation process
  • ESRI maps supported in MicroStrategy Mobile on both iOS and Android devices
  • New search-based input controls
  • Easily cut, copy, paste, or duplicate entire panels within a document


  • Customize your homepage like never before
  • Quickly expand out-of-the-box visualization capabilities
  • Faster collaboration
  • Native mobile gestures with custom D3 visualizations
  • Create and manage subscriptions on the go
  • Optimized in-memory performance


  • General workflow and stability enhancements
  • Introduction of Presentation Mode for MicroStrategy Web
  • Support Data Wrangling for databases to extend wrangling to all sources
  • Run report from Server on MicroStrategy 10.1 Desktop
  • Calendar selector enhancements
  • Support Attribute Object Selector on Grid


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