What's New in MicroStrategy

MicroStrategy 2019, Update 3

MicroStrategy 2019 is the world’s first and only platform for HyperIntelligence™, federated analytics, and transformational mobility. It is the most open and complete offering on the market, empowering every organization to become a more Intelligent Enterprise. The latest release, MicroStrategy 2019 Update 3, strengthens this breakthrough platform with powerful features that benefit every user in the enterprise.

For Business Users

For Analysts

For Administrators and Developers

New for Business Users

Empower 100% of your workforce with the analytics and insights to run a better business.

Update 3

New calendar functionality in HyperMobile for iOS

Get the information you need to be prepared for every meeting. Update 3 provides enhanced integration between the HyperMobile app and the native iOS calendar. The new calendar tab within the HyperMobile app gives users instant access to relevant information about all their meetings and events—past, present, and future.

Update 2

HyperIntelligence™ for Office

Bring zero-click analytics to the world’s most popular business productivity tools for Mac or PC. Update 2 introduces HyperIntelligence for Office, a new product that deploys HyperIntelligence to Microsoft Outlook, supercharging email for over 400 million active users of the Outlook desktop and web clients.

Update 2

HyperIntelligence for Mobile

MicroStrategy HyperMobile is a new universal app. It brings the vision of HyperIntelligence—fast, contextual access to information—to the world of mobile. Update 2 introduces a variety of enhancements that make it incredibly easy for on-the-go users to find contextual insights on their favorite device. The update includes a new, native HyperIntelligence for Mobile app for Android as well as support for history on the iOS app.

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Screenshot of an iOS calendar

The calendar in HyperMobile for iOS.

Screenshot of a HyperIntelligence card displayed within the UI for the MicroSoft Outlook email client.

HyperIntelligence cards within the Outlook web app.

Screenshot of a smartphone with the HyperIntelligence app open, showing several saved cards.
Screenshot of a smartphone with a notification bar suggesting a relevant HyperIntelligence card based on user activity.

The new, native HyperIntelligence for Mobile app for Android.

New for Analysts

Powerful enhancements that allow analysts get even more from tools they love, on the platform they trust.

Update 3

Enhanced flexibility with HyperIntelligence Card design

Quickly design and deploy cards across the enterprise. Start with pre-built templates, mix and match styles, and craft the ideal look and feel. With Update 3, customizing card design is easier than ever before with drag-and-drop, interchangeable widgets built for maximum impact.

Update 2

Enhanced Connectors

The latest update supports direct access to larger data volumes via MicroStrategy for Tableau, MicroStrategy for Power BI, and MicroStrategy for Qlik.

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Update 2

Increased Performance

In addition to supporting data scale, connectors offer greater performance and stability in Update 2, improving the overall user experience for these tools.

Screenshot of a smartphone with a HyperIntelligence card.

Flexible HyperIntelligence card on iPhone

Screenshot of an iPad with the HyperIntelligence cards.

Flexible HyperIntelligence cards on iPad

laptop displaying the enhanced data connection you have with MicroStrategy for Tableau..

MicroStrategy data running in Tableau software.

Update 1

Smarter Microsoft Office apps

With the latest release, you can now supercharge your spreadsheets with enterprise capabilities. The new MicroStrategy for Office allows users to leverage governed or certified enterprise reports and datasets, directly in Excel.

Update 1

17 new cloud connectors

Leverage new out-of-the-box connectors to tap directly into 17 popular cloud applications, covering everything from HR and CRM systems to T&E, accounting, and e-commerce.

New for Administrators and Developers

Enhancements for both AWS and Azure deployments that increase parity and performance.

Update 3

One-click Upgrades for both AWS and Azure

Improve performance and increase security—without any of the heavy lifting. Update 3 introduces one-click upgrades for the MicroStrategy Cloud Platform on both AWS and Azure. Upgrades can be triggered immediately or scheduled in advance—all with just a single click.

Update 2

Enterprise Cloud deployment configuration for Azure

Organizations can now deploy the MicroStrategy Cloud Platform on Microsoft Azure for the Enterprise, adding an additional deployment configuration option to the existing Teams and Department options. Update 2 allows administrators to easily deploy optimized, pre-configured Enterprise architecture into existing secure VNets in minutes, and delivers new regional support covering Central Canada, Australia Southeast, Brazil South, North Europe, West US, West US 2 and East US.

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Update 2

Platform analytics embedded for every user

Previously available for dossiers, applications, datasets, documents, reports, and cards, Update 2 makes Platform Analytics available for everyone at the user level. Administrators can monitor user actions taken and deliver greater security and performance enhancements.

Screenshot of MicroStrategy Cloud Console with one-click deployment.

MicroStrategy Cloud Console for one-click deployment in AWS and Azure.

Screenshot of MicroStrategy Cloud Console monitoring deployments.

MicroStrategy Cloud Console for monitoring deployments in Microsoft Azure.

Screenshot of MicroStrategy Cloud Console monitoring deployments.

MicroStrategy Cloud Console for monitoring deployments in Microsoft Azure.

Screenshot of platform analytics and user telemetry

Workstation screen showing telemetry data and analytics for users and groups on the platform.

Update 1

More powerful admin features MicroStrategy for Azure

It’s now even easier for administrators to manage, maintain, and automate activities governing their MicroStrategy deployments on Azure. Start, stop, resize, and terminate Azure environments as needed within the MicroStrategy Cloud Console, and set role-based access controls.

Update 1

Better performance for REST APIs

Organizations can use REST APIs to push their data directly into MicroStrategy in the form of in-memory cubes. In internal benchmark tests, publishing in-memory cubes was shown to be 2x to 9x faster - making dataset loading faster, more efficient, and less costly.

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What's New in MicroStrategy 2019™ Update 3 Guide

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What Our Customers Are Saying

“The zero-click paradigm radically changes the types of applications we will build and the way everyone—from the C-suite to foremen on-site—will access information, accelerating decision-making at each moment.”
– Gilbane Building Company
“We recently upgraded to MicroStrategy 2019 and have been very impressed by some of the new products and features like Platform Analytics and Library. Overall, MicroStrategy 2019 is a significant upgrade in terms of everything from look-and-feel to speed and performance.”
– David Friedman, BI Manager, B&H Photo
“We’re excited to roll out HyperIntelligence and think that Cards on top of Salesforce will really help drive the adoption of intelligence among our salespeople.”
– Tap Air Portugal
“We are putting real-time insight in the palms of our users with MicroStrategy 2019. MicroStrategy 2019 clearly impacts the way we consume information in the decision-making process and supports our transformation towards an insight-driven organization, giving us a real competitive advantage.”
– Carl Lambert, VP and Chief Data and Analytics Officer, The Co‑operators Group Limited
“We built a card that included critical KPIs sourced from multiple databases and applications and had it in our users’ hands—all in under 30 minutes.”

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